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Archive for June 2nd, 2007

Columbus is Very Fine, Indeed

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

I’m enjoying the city of Columbus, Ohio very much, even though we are in a conference center all day for 3-1/2 days this weekend. The conference center is right downtown a block from a wonderful market where one can buy many types of ethnic foods, healthy grocery items, and wonderful splurge items.

I have gone out to that market for lunch two days in a row and been overwhelmed with the wonderful experience. I purchased organic chicken and jasmine rice at two vendors yesterday, and chicken with collard greens plus some hummous and saffron rice today.

I also had “bubble tea” which has another name I can’t remember… huge tapioca pearls at the bottom of a glass filled with green tea. For me nothing else in there, no milk or sweetener or flavorings. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got some two days in a row.

While waiting for my tea today I heard a man break out in song from the upstairs balcony. A fully-trained opera singer was enjoying himself up there I think with piano background. He wasn’t just standing there singing, I could see his arms gesturing as he sang. very fun. I burst out in a small laugh and said “This would not happen in Lansing, Michigan.” The guy next to me said “I used to live in East Lansing!” He and his wife(?) and I chatted as we waited for our drinks. It was most pleasant.

And on the way out, I realized I needed batteries for my camera. I wanted to find a pharmacy or something ordinary, rather than a gift store in a hotel. I asked a woman in the parking lot if she knew anywhere. She thought maybe Kroger but wasn’t sure how far it was, if I should walk. It was beautiful out so walking sounded good to me.

I started in walking and a few blocks later she pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. I accepted her kind offer and we chatted as she took me to the grocery store. It turns out she used to live in River Rouge near Detroit and has been here now long enough to figure she’s here for good now. That was very pleasant.

I got my batteries and walked my way down the street on the way back. I enjoyed looking in some of the stores and restaurants. I popped into a record store to see if they had scissors I could borrow to open the package of batteries. I had a nice chat with the two young ladies behind the counter.

Finally I walked further until I saw a bus on the way. The girls had told me the buses pass every 15 minutes so I decided to get on board. For one thing, I love to “collect” public transit trips in cities I visit… so that was one more.

The afternoon was a lot of pounding my poor feet on the floor in the sales area of the yarn trade show. I’d find Rae and her mom, then lose them and then find them again. I ran into all sorts of folks I know, including Rob and Matt from Threadbear Fiberarts in Lansing. I had a lovely chat with Debbie Bliss, whose yarns please me greatly. I had a brief hello again with Lucy Neatby who I’d seen the day before as well.

I’ve met many people I’d not known before, too many to list here, but I’m enjoying this very much. Tomorrow is more connecting and talking and meetings and yarn experiencing. I will enjoy it.

My computer is not cooling itself very well this weekend so I will end this now without photos and turn off the laptop. Thanks for staying tuned in…

And thanks to my first Etsy buyer, who happened to be from the United Kingdom. I love how international the internet is!!!