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Archive for June 7th, 2007

Photos of Roses

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Karla asked if I had photos of the rosebushes I’ve been tangling with lately. I have some from two years ago (last year we did nothing to trim them and it shows this year, thus all the marathon trimming sessions recently).

I got this photo from a post I wrote in late June of 2005, of our back garden on the garage, when the hot pink roses were blooming. These are the climbing bushes so popular in the 1920’s… lush and wild, where the blooms group themselves in bunches. The blooms are no more than 2 inches (5cm) across.

The bushes climb… they grow up toward the sun until they fall over from their own weight (that is, if they don’t get supported by a trellis). Then they root into the ground at the point where they hit and make a new plant. They also propagate by sending out roots horizontally. There are now at least five places where these roses are, around our house, and when I moved in I think there were two. Two Brian started intentionally but the other just came up on its own, or so it seems to me.

These are beautiful from a distance, you can see them from another block when they are fully blooming. When we sing I like to put them in my hair. Here’s a photo April took of me, maybe the same day as the other photos, certainly the same week.

Last year I did almost nothing in the yard, almost no gardening at all. This year it has been hit or miss, but I did plant seeds for two kinds of dill, cilantro and spinach, and they are all peeking up not yet an inch tall. I hope they turn into something good. The swiss chard plant I bought is already looking happy and ready for me to start harvesting a little at a time.

The one bush tomato I purchased in a container did well for a few weeks and even has a half dozen green fruits on it. This week something bad hit it, first leaves turned yellow and now somehow the stalk looks weakened and discolored. I trimmed it back to the healthy parts and I hope it will regain energy.

Even though I’ve been gone a lot and I have not planted all the seeds I purchased, I am already doing better than I did last year. I really like nurturing the yard in the few minor ways I know how. I weed a little each day and I water every two or three days if it does not rain. I moved some groundcover (myrtle/periwinkle) and it looks happy. Maybe I will also find time to plant the flower seeds (nasturtiums and morning glories) and some beans, yet this week. I hope.