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Archive for June 21st, 2007

Inching Along

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Thanks to Brian the Wonder-Husband, I am much further along now (with my new laptop etc.) at midnight Wednesday than i was at 4am only 20 hours ago. My old Handspring PDA/Lotus Organizer data on the old XP/SONY laptop is now miraculously on the new Palm Z22 PDA/Calendarscope on my new Vista/Toshiba laptop. I am still testing whether the data is synchronizing back and forth when I make changes or additions. So far, it’s OK. Not perfect but OK.

I do miss the “planner” feature that Lotus Organizer had. It had a graph like a year-long wall calendar, and I could put in music events and holidays and vacations, weekends where I taught out of town/state, and see them at a glance. The information is preserved and displays at the top of the seven-day spread but there is no one screen I can find where a whole year displays.

The new calendar, however, looks great and has a simple pull-down menu for filtering out categories. For example, I can have it show me just music appointments or just those flagged “business.” There is a category feature on the Palm but I have to choose one or the other, and I only have filtered things on my laptop in the past.

I guess if I can get my mail program to work on the new laptop then all I need to do is copy data/email folders over and I’ll be close to done. The laptop came with the new MS Word 2007 and it is vastly different than what I’m quite expert using, never mind different than what I teach in Community Education on Mondays.

I figure I will play with it for the 30 days or so I have and then let it expire, uninstall it and put my legally-purchased older free-standing MS Office disks on it for long term. Then I will put Adobe PhotoShop on it. I’ve learned through experience that PhotoShop wants to be the last thing installed, after Microsoft anything.

In other news, the weather is lovely. It’s not too hot or humid, it’s sunny. The only complaint is that flowers need watering… not much to complain about (though I complain anyway, it’s a bad habit). I sat in the hammock after dance rehearsal, around 9pm. The sun was still out and the light through the trees across the street was beautiful. From that vantage point it looks like we live in a park.

Thursday I have lunch with my friend Altu. We like to go out for sushi on Thursdays when we can (she has help in the kitchen at the restaurant on Thursday afternoons). I will enjoy that change of pace. She’s such a passionate and interesting person, I always enjoy our time together.

More updates as I have time to type them… back to one more synchronization between laptop and palm device, and then to bed. It’s my turn to sleep tonight!