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Archive for June 23rd, 2007

Uking In Chicago!

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

chicagoukefest1kimoandvictoria.jpgBrian and I (and our instruments and my new laptop) are in the Chicago area for the weekend. It is Chicagoland Ukulele Jamfest, and we enjoyed the first night.

Victoria Vox did the opening concert, with opening performers and friends playing with her on stage. If you don’t know this fine young talent, you may wish to get to know her now. Her voice is clear and melodic, sweet yet smart. She tours about 300 days a year, so she is expert at keeping an audience’s attention.

She is lovely to look at, as well as a very solid songwriter, just a together woman. Victoria has an active myspace page as well as some fun videos on Youtube… my favorite of which is Uking at the Wheel/Running from the Law.

The photo here shows Victoria accompanied by Kimo Hussey, a soft-spoken/incredible uke player. We met him a few years ago in Indianapolis for Midwest Ukefest. Wonderful.

Tomorrow morning at 11:15 or so, Brian and I play our set. We’re not first, maybe second, and I think the scheduled acts go through dinnertime (and there are also some workshops going on).

After that, no doubt there will be much jamming until as late as possible. I am looking forward to that. Tonight we decided to be some kind of sane and rest our voices by going to the hotel and not jamming much. Tonight after the concert we jammed a bit with Fred Fallin and Gerald Ross for the most part, until it started sprinkling rain.

For those knitters who loyally follow this blog… I am finishing the heels on a pair of afterthought-heel socks for Brian right now, they are maybe 40 stitches from being done, plus some working in of ends. The Raven Frog yarn I showed you a few days ago has been transformed into a sock minus an afterthought heel, and about 3/4 of another like the first. I could easily finish these on the trip.

I brought along some yarn I wanted to use for a new felted bag design idea I have, but in the haste of leaving I did not bring any needles appropriate to the yarn/project. This may need to wait for another day.

I will be glad when the new computer does not feel so new, when I can concentrate on my “real work” rather than the administrative task of switching laptops (and learning about Windows Vista) . It has taken over my life, my time and my brainspace for a week and I’m not done yet. For the weekend I did bring the new machine but it’s not quite set up so that it can be my only machine yet. Slow is the way to go, one day at a time, yadda yadda…

I am sure to have more photos tomorrow (assuming I can get more batteries for my new camera). There will be much of interest, I’m sure. For now it is time to sleep.