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Archive for July 1st, 2007

This, too, shall pass…

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

sunsetjune1.jpgI wrote a relatively long post about Chicago in the wee hours yesterday. I thought I saved it as a draft, but I went back today to add photos and it’s nowhere. Today has been spent with trying to get data (especially photographs) from my old laptop to my new one. I’m mostly working on the new one now but my archival stuff is not all moved. The old machine started making very very loud noises in the last few days (the bearings on its cooling fan have been going bad for almost a year now) and I need to make haste.

It took until after 8pm Sunday for even Brian’s tried and true methods to work. Vista really works hard at being in control. It apparently particularly makes things hard if you want to use methods that are not Microsoft’s idea.

We were using a program (to move/copy files from one machine to another) that was originally written for Linux (and works fine in Windows XP) and it just gave us loop after loop to crawl through. Giving it an administrative password when prompted (even when already logged in as administrator), was not enough. Sigh. I went on two walks today to burn up worry-energy so that I would not implode from nervous energy (as in: will this really work, and will it work before my old laptop gives up the ghost).

sunsetjunekoolkone.jpgThe good part was while Brian was working on the machine and I was taking my second walk, I went by the Fleetwood Diner and thought I heard someone say my name. Sure enough! It was the grandmother of one of my CityKidz knitters, who I haven’t seen since around the winter holidays. It was great to see her. That really helped me get my mind off of worries where I have only so much control. Yay for Lansing being small enough for folks to run into one another!

So… I will choose to have a good day, lost post and slow laptop transition and all. We did have a nice simple dinner (salads of kohlrabi and red bell pepper, mine with tuna, and fresh dill from the garden plus good olive oil as dressing).

I also talked briefly to my friend April on the phone and she will come over tomorrow night after work. I can’t tell you how much I wish she still lived across the street! More good-day-making activity!

And today was a positively gorgeous day for going on those two walks. The sky was blue with fluffy white clouds, like those in paintings where they look unbelievably ideal.

I did not take any photos today but I did take some a few nights ago on the way home from work/the post office. I think this was Thursday. It was so beautiful I had a hard time driving. I drove right past our house and parked where I could climb up to the pedestrian bridge over Cedar Street near the diner. I get some great sunset views from up there when I am lucky.

Here i show you one photo from Pennsylvania Avenue bridge, and one a few minutes later from the pedestrian overpass/bridge on Cedar, facing north toward the Kool Kone soft serve/catering business (run by two women if I remember right). On the near right corner (diagonal from Kool Kone) is the parking lot for the Lansing location of Fleetwood Diner.