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Archive for July 13th, 2007

Kaboom! (Photos)

Friday, July 13th, 2007

fireworks1.jpgI am finally feeling a little more settled with this new computer. Not exactly pleased yet, but settled.

I un-installed the trial calendar program, and then my Palm device didn’t synchronize at all for a while. I found a way to synch (only to the administrator account and only the calendar, but that’s a backup and I will live with that until I figure out how to make it work more fully/conveniently).

I backed up all my pattern documents and other business documents, and a bunch of other crucial items. Actually, a few nights ago I had a seriously good cry about my powerlessness over this new system… and I felt better after the cry. I’m not sure anything changed about my situation, but I feel more like Lynn again. Thank goodness something changed, as I had lost my serenity two or three weeks back and I needed my feet under me again.

fireworks2.jpgThe main reason I tell you that is that while I was in flipping-out-over-computer mode, I didn’t do anything extra to speak of. I took a LOT of photos and you may never see most of them. However, now that I feel more settled I was able to process three pretty decent photos I got last week.

Downtown Lansing is the home of the Lugnuts minor league baseball park. This place has changed my city for the better more than almost anything else I can think of (and I was a skeptic, not being a sports fan). So now downtown hops many nights all summer. They have fireworks very often, actually… and these were taken the week of the 4th but not on the holiday itself.

fireworks3.jpgWe were just going to dinner at Clara’s restaurant (which used to be the railroad depot, only a few blocks from the state Capitol building). In the parking lot if you stood in just the right place, every once and a while you could see some of the bigger firecrackers going off over the buildings.

In the largest photo here, you can see the overhang of Clara’s main building. It’s a wonderful space, and their kitchen is open pretty late. I know that a lot of theatre people go there after rehearsals. We had good service and good food and we need to go back sometime.

I love fireworks, holiday or not. I hope you enjoy the pretty pictures.