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Archive for July 21st, 2007

Upcoming Classes

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

I tell you what… knitting is not getting any less popular if my life is any indication. This summer, for the first time, I’m having a majority of classes actually “go…” and not just one person as in previous summers… sometimes two, three, even four. I even have a special class coming up that has ten already signed up! I’m delighted.

yarngardenperfecthug20.jpgIt’s very exciting for me to stay busy teaching. I love teaching more than anything else I do.

I started a First-Time Toe Up Socks class at Rae’s Yarn Boutique last week (two students), and then the next day when I was at Rae’s another person came in hoping for a sock class. She will sign up when we get the next round scheduled.

On Monday (7/23), I will be teaching Design Your Own Turkish Socks at Yarn Garden in Charlotte (Michigan, 30 minutes from Lansing). That class has three or four signed up… during the day, on a “workday.” I’m delighted.

On July 27, a Friday, we’re having a Pizza and Polymer Clay Buttons party/class at Yarn Garden, as well. I think that will be a blast! It’s a shorter session than I usually do, which may mean that some folks who can’t often get away for a long session, might come for dinner and buttons and socializing. Or so we hope. So far we have so many interested that my head is spinning.

During the day, 11-4, on Saturday 7/28, I will be teaching ColorJoy Stole at Yarn Garden. This class includes a lot of guidance on how to combine yarns when they do not match (on purpose, for a richer texture) as well as knitting instruction for completing a stole.

On Sunday, July 29, I will be teaching my standard (longer, no pizza but more class time) Polymer Clay Buttons and Beads class, a four hour session from 12:30-4:30. This one will be at Threadbear Fiberarts on the West Side of Lansing (just north of the 496 Waverly exit. I often get travelers when I teach at this shop… sometimes from the very north of lower Michigan and sometimes from Toledo Ohio, or other spots requiring real effort to get there. I’m honored by this far-reaching and dedicated group of students. I look forward to this session very much.

On Monday, July 30, I will be teaching “Color Mastery and Confident Yarn Combining” at Little Red Schoolhouse Yarn, also on the West Side of Lansing but very near the Lansing Mall. This one-night offering includes the first section, combining yarns, from the ColorJoy Stole class. However, you can use the information to make a number of different possible items whether my stole or another project.

yarngardenshebelievedshecouldsign.jpgBefore I lose your attention, I’ll end by mentioning my first August class, on August 4 at Yarn Garden. I’m doing my Perfect Hug shaped shawl pattern in a three-hour session from 1-4pm on a Saturday.

I make samples for the yarn shops where I sell patterns/teach, and the sample I made for Yarn Garden has been a real hit. One reason for that, I’m sure, is that Lindsay (the new owner of this shop) really likes the sample and wears it in the shop from time to time. When she doesn’t wear it, she has it on a great display.

I love how she has this sample displayed (first photo above). She shows it off fully (this is the “medium” coverage version which I call the Bear Hug, it is not too long but wraps fully around the shoulders and covers the front of the wearer). The sample she has was knit in Rio de la Plata thick/thin wool, which is a lot like Manos Del Uruguay and Debbie Bliss Soho. See the photo I got last time I was in the shop? Nice display!

Last, I will share with you a non-class photo here. I took this photo last time I was at Yarn Garden. It is hand-embroidered with the saying: She believed she could… So she did. Lindsay, the new owner of the shop (she’s in her 20’s) told me that her sister made it for her when the shop opened. I love the sentiment.

I hope that gives you a smile and some hope, as it did me!