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Archive for August 4th, 2007

The Heat Lifts… Aaaahhh

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

We have had a stretch of very very hot days. This morning it finally lifted. Now I understand we are expecting a stretch of rainy days, and surely nobody is upset by this idea right now. (The grass was positively crunchy underfoot when I watered the garden plants this week.)

I sometimes get headaches… they are not migraines but they follow me everywhere. I call them allergy headaches burosesatpanera.jpgt they seem to be brought on by stress to my body, whether allergy or heat or worry. They tend to last 2-3 days and they slow me down a lot. Usually I can handle my public appointments and then I go home and get horizontal on the couch or hammock (or this time, the bed in the one air conditioned room in our home). Friday was day 3 and I realized I had to sleep off the headache, it finally beat me.

So I did start out my Friday off by doing a little maintenance in the kitchen, then I had a nice tea-and-knitting adventure with Sharon P/Knitknacks and went home to rest on the hammock. I wasn’t home too long before Rae asked me to accompany her on a one-hour adventure and I just had to say yes. Then instead of going out to dinner as I’d thought I might do, I went home and upstairs to the cool bedroom and took a nearly-two-hour nap. That was better than any aspirin at that point, though the aspirin surely helped a bit. Now I feel like myself again.

I woke up on Saturday to 72F degrees, the temp. we usually set the thermostat to in the winter. The temp where Brian is comfy and I put on a sweater. I won’t put on a sweater today but I’ll be back in my usual long sleeves or shawl. Terese told me yesterday she had never seen me with so much skin showing (just my arms and a scoop neck), she knows I tend to get cold when everyone else is warm. This week I was over-hot (especially Thursday when I had a lot of appointments, all on the East Side of Lansing, so I did a lot of walking in over-90F sunny weather). Today I’m back to comfy.

Here is a photo of roses I found on Tuesday night when I walked from Rae’s to Kroger, to get some groceries. The roses were outside Panera Bread at Frandor (more on the East Side), by their outdoor tables. Really beautiful, don’t you think?