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Archive for August 5th, 2007

A Lovely Distraction

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Saturday I taught my Perfect Hug Shawl design at Yarn Garden in Charlotte, MI. I had three students and two I had taught before in other classes. We had a lovely time knitting and learning and catching up.

Although I have never knit a Perfect Hug in any Noro (handspun Japanese, slowly-color-changing) yarn before, all four of us ended up choosing either Iro or Kochoran for our shawls. I have multiple Perfect Hug Shawls of my own and swore I would not knit along with the class. For one thing, my rule is always “do not spend more than you make” on a work day. With three students I was not going to be literally in trouble with that rule, but I *am* in the business to pay my bills so I need to be smart about what yarns/samples I buy/knit.

However, it seems to me that at least a few yarn shops have these lovely yarns and sometimes folks have a hard time deciding what to knit out of them. After all, it’s relatively thick yarn at about $20 a skein… my Kochoran is 50* wool, 30% angora and 20% silk, 160m which equals about 175yd. The original price on the label was $19.95 but Lindsay had it on sale for 50% off so it turned out to be a regular “steal” for this incredibly luxurious yarn.

The smallest version of the shawl (in the printed pattern anyway… shown here on mannequin) is called the capelet and it is designed to cover the shoulders and upper arms but to show off your lovely gown underneath in front. It reaches down to about my elbows. That version requires 210 yards according to my pattern.

I made an executive decision today to see how far I could get with one skein of the Kochoran yarn. The Noro Iro has even more yardage than the Kochoran if I remember right (I seem to remember 180m/198yd) but I think it would be really really cool to have a one-skein project out of this absolutely luxurious stuff! I figure that some capelets out there these days barely cover the shoulders, and are more of an accessory (almost a scarf) rather than a shawl. My curiosity won’t rest now until I take this idea to the limit.

My yarn is cobalt, turquoise, light charcoal and a hint of pink in one place. It is VERY fuzzy from the angora (bunny fur) which gives it real luxury. The standard capelet size in the pattern suggests that most folks will execute the six-row repeat seven times to finish. I’m already into my fourth repeat (though each repeat is on a larger number of stitches). It sure looks like I’m halfway in the ball of yarn. I am thinking this may really work out just fine.

I had other things to do this afternoon but I chose to knit. What a wonderful distraction it is. I’m very ready to be able to do something and FINISH it, in short order. It seems that everything else (including this “new” six-week old computer system) is taking forever to get settled properly. I have patterns I started weeks/months ago still waiting to be written out and sized properly. I have yarn undyed in my studio waiting for me to have a full day to devote to coloring it (and another day or two to rewind, label, photograph and post it).

A shawl that can be knit in a day or two? Yeah. My kind of project!