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Archive for August 13th, 2007

Music Adventures and Folk Traditions

Monday, August 13th, 2007

fabheftonesaltusjuly07.jpgWe have had fun singing this summer. I have a few unrelated photos… well, they are related because of music. Friday we sang in Kalamazoo and it was wonderful fun. The crowd was right with us the whole way, the auditorium was beautiful and had great acoustics, the trip there and back was pleasant. Loved it. I would be in heaven if we could have days like that more often, but honestly it was heaven enough that one time.

We performed at my dear friend Altu’s restaurant a few weekends back, and that was great fun, also. My mom took time after the concert to take a few photos of us outside. I had lucked out and found a really cool set of authentic 1960s Hawaiian dresses and so when the weather was really warm Brian and I decided to forego our usual formalwear for the night and don Hawaiian clothing. Here’s a close up of us as the sun was fading. Thanks for taking a good number of good photos that night, Mom!

dagwoodsbanjo.jpgLast Tuesday we also had a wonderful time at Dagwoods’ open mic. A lot of good folks were there. Brian knew even more of the musicians than I did. Here’s a photo of just one group playing, Brian knows at least one of the guys from his work. They chatted with Brian a good while after their turn was up but I didn’t get over there to say hi much myself. Nice guys, really good musicians.

We also spent this last weekend at the Great Lakes Folk Festival and it was great fun. I spent a lot of time helping Altu in her food booth on Friday and Saturday, but we could hear the dance tent from where we were and that was good. Sunday I had the morning to be with Brian a bit, and then I went to work the Mid-Michigan Knitters’ Guild demo booth. Rae and I signed up for the same shift, and Jane was there a lot of the time with us, as were Cyndy and Nancy. It was good fun.

There were some booths where one could buy clothing and other items from different parts of the world. I found an embroidered white cotton gauzy top from Equador. I’ll have to take some photos for you, there were some things I had never seen before in any embroidered items I’d encountered.

I am really starting to get the itch to embroider again. I think that embroidery was my first handwork/textile art, I think I learned it in 2nd or 3rd grade, before I learned to sew, but it might have been actually earlier than that. Mom might remember, as she was the one who taught me. I just love the feeling of pulling a thread with a sewing needle. It resonates with me on a gut cellular level, it’s all the way embedded in my inner self. I’m getting ready to do something with that urge very soon.

Tracy Points to Her Flickr Photo

Monday, August 13th, 2007

I’ve mentioned Tracy here a few times. We met through this blog. She has tested patterns for me before, and she shared photos of mostly-yellow socks she knit (in my TipToe Sockyarn) here recently.

In response to my discussion of colorways in the recent post, and with the photo of one dyelot of that colorway as my photo/illustration of the concept, she wrote a comment to share. She knit a pair of socks from my Seaside yarn and the photo is up on her Flickr site.

I would bet that the socks came from the same dye lot I showed two days ago. They look lovely, Tracy! If anyone is interested, please go take a look at Tracy’s 6th Sense Sox at her Flickr page.