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Archive for September 2nd, 2007

Lazy Weekend

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

jimandcindyparty1.jpgTo me, a lazy day is one without an appointment. That is to say, I’m not particularly lazy but I like special days where I am mostly alone. I still work, I always do, but my work is my favorite subject, so it is not a problem. To work in jammies on the couch with my laptop on my lap and sock on needles, is a good day.

I still puzzle out how to write instructions or size something, how to shape a shawl, choose the right yarns for a pattern. I answer email inquiries, install software, write my blog… it’s all work-related and I love it. But to sit at home and not worry about how I look and whether I’m being cheerful, grumpy, manic or pensive… well, I love those times.

Friday was relatively low-interaction. I taught a private lesson and went for a long walk with Kristi and her boys. I also popped by Rae’s just before she closed.

Brian and I did go to REOtown festival for a while, just to see what it was like and to peek in the Cadillac Club (a renovated bowling alley which has a lot of entertainment and some lovely food offerings).

It was a happy and happening scene, a different crowd than you’d find in Old Town or the East Lansing folk/art festivals. There were Elephant Ears (a fried bread with cinnamon and sugar), carnival rides, and a very good “cover” band on an outdoor stage, playing singable and danceable tunes, mostly from the 70’s and 80’s.

jimandcindyparty3.jpgSaturday I stayed home with doors closed, radio off. Those days are few and precious to me, as I can really get more done with no outside distraction. I stared at the computer while solving a pattern problem, test knitting a pattern and editing photos. We did go to a music gathering at night and I enjoyed that a lot.

Sunday I woke up earlier than usual, went for a long, purposeful walk, came home and made wonderful pancakes, and now I’m preparing for a loooong soaking bubblebath to relax.

I think I will go out, though, to Lamafest (yes, one “L” because that is the group of animals including alpacas) at Mchigan State University. I won’t go for long but once I saw a vendor there with beautiful child-sized handknit hats, probably from the Andes. I’m always hoping I’ll see them again. They were not there last year.

I’m kicking myself that I did not buy those hats when I did see them maybe 5 years ago, but the end of August/early September is typically a low cashflow time of year for a knitting teacher, and I opted to hold on to my cash that day. I couldn’t wear them and I was not yet teaching ethnic knitting of any sort at the time.

jimandcindyparty2.jpgHindsight is 20/20, you know? I do have four hats from this general realm but the ones I saw there were different, and I’m so very interested in ethnic knitting styles. Pooh.

Anyway, back to the weekend. I hope I won’t even leave the house at all on Monday. That’s the plan. I will continue to plug away at patterns and dyeing yarn.

I sort of accidentally finished another pair of socks between last night and this morning. I have much “real” knitting to do, where I pay attention and log what I do and doublecheck new projects. However, in public I can not concentrate on those things so I keep cranking out simple stockinette socks for myself.

I went to log the new pair in my sock log and realized I hadn’t logged a previous pair. That puts me at 157 pairs of socks since Spring 2001 (when I knit my first pair, ever). I do not count single socks I knit as test socks or samples for shops, I do count full pairs whether for myself or a loved one.

I am really behind on photographing this year’s socks, though. I have at least five pair I have not photographed, and therefore have never worn. I need to get on that task soon!!!

jimandcindypartycynthiasquiche.jpgI’m working on patterns again. It looks like I may have a pattern ready on Tuesday, cross fingers for me. I also have newly-dyed sockyarn photographed which I’ll post soon.

Photos? The music party Saturday night. A fire pit, great music and harmonies, and beautiful food. The quiche was made by a fellow knitter/musician, Cynthia. Food is definitely art.