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Archive for September 5th, 2007

A Happy Sigh…

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

partystolecorrected25.jpgBack when there was snow on the ground, I thought I had finished a pattern. It was all written, tested, proofread.

I got photos. They looked fine on the screen. They looked awful printed.

I bought a new camera (never mind that it supposedly isn’t as good as the other… it takes color more accurately.) I had to get samples back, take a number of new photos, edit, correct color, correct for my printer, do all sorts of things I barely know how to do.

Thank goodness I’ve had a few classes and a lot of years (perhaps 10) working with PhotoShop. I still feel like I’m groping around in the dark sometimes, when these sorts of issues come up. Most of my PhotoShop experience has been for web design, and print is a totally different animal.

So today I’m pleased as punch to announce: The Party Stole Pattern is ready. It’s beautiful, it’s for sale on my shopping cart, and the photos look good to me both on screen and printed. Rae agrees, Diana agrees. Sigh…

This pattern includes instructions on how to choose five yarns which complement one another in texture and color, but which do not match. On all of the Party Stoles that I have knit, I used two ribbon yarns, one brushed mohair and two other yarns of different textures.

partystolelindadetail25.jpgThe one in the photo which I am wearing, looks like the one I made for myself and have been wearing for a while. The one in the photo, however, is the store shop model for Threadbear Fiberarts.

There is one in beautiful blues, turquoises, greens and purples, at Rae’s Yarn Boutique (see below, although it’s much more beautiful in person), and I’m nearly done with one in rainbow ribbons plus black mohair (striking… see at left) for Linda at Little Red Schoolhouse Yarns. (All three of those shops are in Lansing, Michigan.)

This is the easiest wrap yet. One yarn per row, knit stitches only with a grand total of a dozen increases in the whole piece, easy fringe. The whole piece is carried by the yarns, and there is subtle shaping at the top edge to keep it from falling off as you reach for something while wearing it.

It looks like it is woven from a distance. It’s light enough to scrunch up and act like it’s a big scarf under a winter coat, but it’s fluffy enough to wear indoors in the summer against air conditioning. I just loooove mine. I have worn it a lot this summer, as I do not tolerate Air Conditioning well.

partystoleraecloseup10.jpg(Would anyone be interested in kits, where I chose the five yarns for you? I’m willing if I get any interest at all, to put some up on my shopping cart.)

Some things just take time, including this pattern. I hope this works out as well as good wine.

(May I insert a quiet WooHoooooo!!!???)