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Archive for September 9th, 2007

Belated Sock Photo

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

pair150momturqgraystripe33.jpgI am doing what I can to catch up on old photos here. The photo today is what was my 150th pair ever, since I started knitting socks in 2001.

This pair was for my mother, back in May, for Mother’s Day. I started to make her a different pair and realized almost at the end that the yarn I had chosen was not machine wash/machine dry. Mom needs easy care, so I put aside that pair and started in again.

The construction of these was this: I used the toe from my First-Time Toe-Up sock pattern. I knit to where the heel should go, knit a placeholder (to be ripped out later) in “waste yarn” and then continued to the top.

The foot and leg are all knit totally in stockinette, no ribbing, so it does roll a bit at the top. I bound off using a single crochet (inserting the hook first into the next stitch on the left hand needle). This is a stretchy and satisfactory bind off.

I then went back, took out the waste yarn and placed the now-loose stitches on sock needles. I then knit something like a top-down toe but with a different rate of decrease (so that it would fit a heel better, as heels and toes do not have the same shape). I placed the decreases evenly (sometimes called a star toe) rather than on the left/right edges (called a wedge toe).

I finished this pair by running the yarn end through the final eight stitches like a drawstring and fastening the end. There are many ways to make afterthought heels, this is merely one way.

I think the yarn is Austerman Step (standard sockyarn with wool/nylon . It has very long bands of color. I think I may be unable to resist sockyarn with turquoise in it, so I got this. I was not sure how I would like it knit up, but it’s just lovely.