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Archive for September 10th, 2007

Happy Wheatland!

Monday, September 10th, 2007


Brian and I spent Friday-Sunday at Wheatland Music Festival. It rained before we got there on Friday which calmed the dust down. It rained for maybe a minute (we ran for shelter from big drops but it stopped quickly) around dinnertime on Friday, but there was not a drop after that.

I of course have too many photos to put up this soon. However, here is a photo of us on Friday night at the Seth Bernard/Daisy May concert (accompanied by Andrea Moreno-Beals, Dominic John and Drew Howard/Captain Midnite). It was taken for us by the young lady sharing a blanket with us. She had a great eye, centering Daisy May between our heads and showing Drew on the right hand side of the photo on stage.

Drew cracks me up, he’s such a fun friend. He’s thoughtful and grounded (aaah) with an ironic yet humorous way of looking at things. In contrast, I’m sort of manic when I get in public (though I’m thoughtful in less distracting environments).

So they introduced the band and I got up on my knees and cheered (this is normal festival behavior). Well, I was in the front row, which means the band could see me if they were looking that way. When I cheered for Drew, he said “Hi, Lynn… Hi, Mom.” Cracked me up… I’m honored to know these folks, though I know Drew best. Thanks for the public hello, Drew. You’re the best.

Anyway, you know that when I write columns about music festivals I have a lot of linking to do and a lot of photos to edit, and that takes a long time. Today I need to iron out my schedule and dye some yarn, so I’m choosing to delay that column a bit. For now, I’m pleased to say it was indeed a Happy Wheatland in 2007.