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Archive for September 15th, 2007

36 Degrees F Sleeping in a Tent

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

We had a lot, lot, lot of fun performing and socializing at the Harvest Gathering Friday Night and Saturday. It seemed like I could not walk five steps without running into someone I really like, and perhaps do not see very often.

I have photos and stories, but for now you might want to check out Brian’s Flickr page. The very top few photos are from a Contra Dance Saturday night in downtown Lansing . Just under that is Harvest Gathering, and past that is Wheatland festival from last weekend.

Here is what it takes to make me warm sleeping in a tent in just-above-freezing temperatures (it was 39F when we went to bed and the National Weather Service says it got down to 36F… and 32F is 0C for my out-of-US readers):

Three pairs of Longjohns worn simultaneously
Tank Top
Two Turtleneck tops
One cotton Sweatshirt
One really-really thick/warm sweater knit just for such occasions (like a thick blanket, see photo)
Three pair of wool socks, also worn simultaneously
One pair wool legwarmers
One store-bought beret
One handknit pseudo-Calorimetry wool head wrap
One Pair handknit fingerless gloves of bulky alpaca, bought at an import shop
One air mattress
One sleeping bag underneath the sleepers
Two sleeping bags and a comforter on top of the sleepers
One wool tweed man’s winter coat over feet
Two human beings creating body heat
Very small tent to hold in said body heat

I really did sleep fine. I woke up when the rooster crowed but then went back to sleep (roosters remind me of my trip to Africa, a good memory).

I took a while to settle in at first… originally because of cold feet (at 1:30am or so) until Brian put the coat on the bottom part of our “bed” and later because it kept raining and then not and then raining again. Intermittent sounds will wake me, where louder sounds that are more even do not bother me at all.

However, when Brian woke up I stayed under the covers for an extra hour or so. I was not interested in leaving the warm, safe place if I did not need to get up. Finally I had to be a grownup and get vertical, and Brian was a sport and got me a cup of hot black tea right away.

It did get warmer Saturday around noon or so, and it did mostly stop raining (though there were clouds over most of the sky most of the day). Our concert was really heartwarming, all the support and fine reception we felt. If only we had more time to jam with friends, it could have been a little more perfect.

I must say that I’m delighted to have had a long hot soaking bath today, I’m clean and warm, and I do not have to be cold and wet in the tent for a second night. Gratitude is a powerful feeling for me tonight.

Photo: Wheatland Festival 2003, the debut of the super-warm double-thickness Lamb’s Pride Worsted sweater. I knit it because of a 45F degree night in a tent the year before. That sweater is worth its weight (two pounds) in gold when music festivals get frigid.