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Archive for September 16th, 2007

Megan Palmer’s Photos of India

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

At Harvest Fest, I met indie singer-songwriter Megan Palmer after our concert. She lives in Columbus, Ohio (sigh, lucky grrl). Her Myspace page is http://myspace.com/meganini and her own website is http://meganpalmer.com

We chatted briefly about our travels. I went to Africa with Altu, stayed in Ethiopia and Kenya with family and friends, and went to Egypt as pure tourists. Megan went to India with a friend, and stayed in the friend’s parents home.

The colors and food of India make me yearn to travel there sometime. I must work out my food-allergy issues before I can do another big trip, but India, Thailand and Europe are all places I haven’t been and would love to visit.

Megan has posted a Flickr photoset with her photos of India. She and her friends captured some wonderful shots, there are a lot of closeups of people’s faces. That is one thing I did not do when I went to Africa and now I wish I had.

I am so delighted with what I’ve seen of the 101 images that I’m here telling you about them before I even finish the series. I highly recommend that you divert your focus on this lovely Sunday and check out this amazing series of photographs.