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Archive for September 22nd, 2007


Saturday, September 22nd, 2007


I am so disappointed with Windows Vista. I have to type a password to do things as mundane as tell an icon to open as a full-sized (maximized) window. Come on!

Now this week I have had several “Windows Updates” which download automatically and then insist I turn off the computer and restart so that they can install. Theoretically the updates fix faults in the system and make me more secure. I think the structure of Windows sets it up to be eternally insecure and I wonder if that benefits Microsoft. If we are unhappy with our current Windows version, we’re more likely to buy a new version when it comes out, right?

So I rebooted as commanded. And now my desktop is missing the photo of Ethiopia which I had chosen (a photo I took in 2004), which was my wallpaper image. So I went in to re-choose it.

And it says that I do not have permission to access that document. It is in a folder assigned to the username I’m logged in as. I tried to open it in PhotoShop. It says my photo is locked. I even rebooted to see if maybe just there was a digital hiccup going on somehow. Still no access to my photo.

Guys, imagine this… it appears that Microsoft is so afraid I will copy someone else’s image that it won’t let me access my own? I understand and respect copyright… in fact, as a musician and knitting designer I benefit when others respect my copyright as well. But now I can not access or even view my own photograph? A precious one I took when I was in another continent? This is just plain wrong.

The first few weeks I had this machine, I could NOT copy my documents from the old laptop to this one without sitting for hours and babysitting the process, restarting after about 1GB of copying. I had 25GB of digital photos alone. It sure feels like Microsoft won’t trust me, it should have been a non-issue. I mean, we tried copying four different ways and none worked properly.

Maybe I am misunderstanding the intent behind these issues but that doesn’t help me deal with my daily frustrations. I type my Windows password a half a dozen times a day, minimum. To do normal things like start my calendar program or PhotoShop. Insanity.

Only five years ago I was making a living as a Microsoft Windows/Office consultant and expert. In fact, I spent six years before my Y2K-Consultant career, as a Microsoft DOS/Windows/ Office Suite corporate trainer. Up until now I have been grateful that Microsoft has given me many years of making a living.

I’m pretty sharp with techie things, at least those a few years old. I worked my first job on a computer back in 1981, before the IBM-PC was even invented. I figured that if I had frustrations with Vista I could make peace with it given a little time.

It has been months. I’m less happy than I was the day I got this machine. Mind you, the hardware/machine is just fine… it’s the operating system (Vista) I dislike.

If I were a child I would throw a tantrum. It’s a good thing I have my mental health securely in place because this frustration feels explosive inside me. I should go hit my pillow a few times or run around the block until I can’t go any further.

My stomach hurts. I want my pictures back.

Karen and Rae and Deb were all right. I should have given in. Next time I’ll be a Mac grrl.