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Archive for September 23rd, 2007

Feeling a Bit Better

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

I “knit like the wind” as Brenda Dayne’s knitting podcast Cast-On suggests. It was very helpful. I always say that knitting is a lot like “worry beads” and it was more true today than ever.

I’m working on the moderate-sized project bag in the ZigBagZ series. I finished the bag portion tonight, bound it off. Now I need to knit handles and button flap (which requires some decision-making but I’m up to that challenge). After that, I measure every possible part of the bag, then I throw it in the washing machine and cross all fingers and toes. After it shrinks perfectly (we can only hope), I shape it well, dry it, and measure it.

At that point Diana and I have a conference call and determine how many stitches we think she should cast on for the roomy-sized project bag. And then we see how long it takes to knit that, and felt/shrink that, and determine if we need even more test bags before going ahead. We do have a lot of small bags which were our felting swatches, so it may be that we’re good to go. Or not.

It’s one day at a time, you know? But although I still have no plan about my held-for-ransom photographs on this hard drive, I at least have done some constructive work. I knit fast which used up a bunch of the pent-up adrenaline that made me want to jump to the moon in a single bound. And now I think I’ll go to sleep, and finish my bag tomorrow.

Cross fingers for me. I need all the felting gods and goddesses and vibes and good karma and any other good luck charms I can get, in my corner tomorrow.

By the way, the fabric is reeeeally beautiful. Of course, I took a photo but now I am afraid to download the photo onto the bad-cop computer hard drive. It might not let me have custody of my own work.

I’ll show you more when I get more confidence, or maybe I’ll just start up that old beloved VAIO XP laptop (which still works, though it still makes bad sounds when it’s running). I would love to show you how pretty my colors are this time around.