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Archive for September 28th, 2007

Plugging Along

Friday, September 28th, 2007

zigprototypebottles.jpgLife is full of a zillion relatively-unrelated things, you know?

  • My car is fixed but I have to pick it up tomorrow.
  • It has been relatively painless to be without my Bug because I drove Brian’s “yacht.” He rode his bike to work. I seriously benefitted by being married to this great guy, this week.
  • We had another wonderful musical-performance experience at Foods for Living. What a great store. Great people, great food, great customers.
  • The weather has been gorgeous, the light just glows right before sundown. We should not see rain till Sunday, and I will really enjoy this weekend.
  • I have this weekend without classes. Then I have three weekends on the road, in a row (two strung together with no visit home). I need to bake and otherwise prepare food, clothing and class handouts, etc… this weekend. I feel really luxurious about it on Friday Night. I think Sunday night I’ll be a bit less so, but I’m OK with whatever it is.
  • Diana is knitting sample ZigBagZ (a BabyZig and a BottleZig), I’m editing the text of the pattern. Karen has the yarn for her BurlyZig bag, Diana has her yarn, too, and when the words are set (the numbers are done), they will cast on that largest planned size and see how it goes.

The photo here shows two prototype BottleZig Bagz. Just so you can see how things develop. One has too much green at the bottom and is too tall. I re-felted it and it got less tall but the green was still too big, after this photo was taken.

The other has 8 fewer stitches around the circumference. That one works fine for small 10oz bottles (but not half-liter/16oz bottles). The interesting thing is that they both have exactly the same number of rows of the zig pattern. And I knit both, so the gauge before felting was the same. Can you see why I tear out my hair sometimes, trying to get it so that folks who get my finalized pattern will succeed and love the project? I do love making things up. I’m not so fond of the finalizing-the-pattern part. But hey, every job has something we don’t like about it.