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Archive for September 29th, 2007

Music Benefit Sunday/Tomorrow

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

jensygitbylynnhforweb.jpgOn Sunday (Today or Tomorrow if you catch this post before we’re off stage) The Fabulous Heftones are playing at the RicStar Music Camp benefit. The place is VanAtta’s Greenhouse, Haslett, Michigan (above link has address information).

Our performance time is 2:30pm. A lot of folks we know are performing (it is a multi-day event, so many folks have already played).

It’s spooky but very cool… we’re playing on the same stage as the talented and kind Jen Sygit again. Here’s a great photo of her (on stage with the Earthwork crew, but I zoomed in on Jen’s smiling face) from Wheatland music festival earlier this month. Well, the photo itself is a bit grainy but the look on her face is great indeed. She was looking at another musician on stage with her, maybe Daisy May or Seth Bernard, who were just to the right of this photo.

I love hearing Jen perform. She has an authenticity about her, and is a pro from start to finish. Her voice is low, expressive and bluesy; comfortable like an easy chair. You’ll find yourself waking up singing her melodies, and her lyrics hit home. For those of you who are Youtube fans, you can see a video of Jen singing (at Cappucino Cafe’ in East Lansing) her composition “The Rub”, or her Black-Eyed Susan, or at the Creole Gallery singing the standard Don’t Get Around Much Any More.

Also The Harvestmen (with Drew Howard/Captain Midnite) are playing, and a host of other folks I don’t know as well. It is bound to be an energetic and exciting event.

I hope I’ll see a few of you there.

The second photo here is of Brian and me as The Fabulous Heftones on stage at the Four Chairs benefit we played in Lansing last March. Jen was not there but a lot of her Earthwork Music colleagues were. Rachael Davis took this photo for us.