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Archive for October 5th, 2007

Ready (?) for Retreat

Friday, October 5th, 2007

I’m going very early (for me) in the morning on retreat with Rae’s Yarn Boutique. I’m working for Rae this weekend, helping register and otherwise settle in the event. When I’m not needed, I am allowed to attend the workshops.

Gwen Bortner of Knitability is our instructor for the weekend. We have three workshops in all, things I would not normally study. This means I will stretch a bit and this is good. I am very focused in the areas I love and I tend to have a bit of tunnel vision (color, color, color, fiber, color).

This weekend we are talking texture and “stitch patterns” for part of the time. This is not an area I work with very much. We will at some point be doing the numbers of knitting… and then Sunday is color, some methods of which I’m very experienced in and some I expect will be new. All good.

I’m also happy to be meeting and spending a weekend with Gwen. We know one another from the internet but this will be our first meeting in person. I think we are both working at Rhinebeck in a few weeks, as well. Maybe I’m at Rhinebeck and she’s at Stitches East, but I’ll see her again on my eastern trip in October, again, twice in a month.

It is supposed to be glorious summery weather in Lansing for three days… partly sunny and upper 80’s, my favorite weather in the world. Up at Drummond Island (the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, nearly throwing distance from Canada) it is supposed to be lower 70s and rainy. Drat. I guess a bit of gloom outside will make us more content to stay indoors and learn, anyway!

In Lansing the colors are turning in earnest the last few days. The photo today is from September 2005. You see, I’m typing this with my old laptop while the new one backs up so I can take it north with me. I can get to this photo easily right now!

My goal has always been to make 28 posts per month. It may be that October will see me a little short on that goal. I will be back Sunday night, in any case. Have a pleasant weekend, no matter what your weather and location.