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Archive for October 10th, 2007

Rhinebeck/New York Sheep & Wool Festival

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The festival in New York State commonly called “Rhinebeck” (for the town where it is held) is coming right up in two weekends. (The official name is New York Sheep & Wool Festival.) I’m starting to get really excited about going!

I’ll teach and I’ll connect with folks I know from the internet, and peers in the knitting-business realm. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Kristin Nicholas will be there for sure with their books. I have not checked out what other authors will be there.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday I will be teaching Design Your Own Turkish-Style Sock, Polymer Clay for Fiber folk: Buttons, Beads, Handles and Tools, and Heels & Toes Exploration (in that order). I will be wandering the marketplace on Sunday. I’d love to meet you folks, whether in a class or outside.

The deadline for pre-registration for the classes is October 12. That’s just a few days away. If you are interested, you can check out the workshops and other goodies on the sheepandwool.com website.

Colorful Stitchery!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

I got my book Colorful Stitchery by Kristin Nicholas yesterday. I’m trying to work through my to-do list for this upcoming trip, and here is this incredibly inspiring eye candy in my hands! Her book is about embellishing with embroidery (using yarn, ribbon, embroidery floss, and probably other things I didn’t catch yet).

Here’s her books page… even if you are not going to buy, I suggest visiting the page for pure color inspiration! I did not really have time to read the book right away. I read the introduction and looked at all the photographs.

When I got to the tea cozies she had a recipe for oat scones. It was past midnight but one of the things on my to-do list is to bake things and freeze them for the trip. So I figured I was on task if I stopped everything and baked scones right then.

OK, it called for all-purpose (wheat) flour, eggs, milk and blueberries. I had to substitute for the first three ingredients, then left out the fruit and put cinnamon in there to flavor them a little. What I got was something light and crumbly and lovely… but it’s very fragile and will not freeze and pack well at all. I ate one piece last night hot out of the oven, and Brian and I had them for breakfast this morning. True luxury in the middle of a sort of over-packed week.


I love travel but I still do not do it enough to prepare and pack with grace. Once I’m on the road I do just fine, but getting ready puts me into a sort of whirlwind. Brian says I’m a “white tornado” if anyone remembers those old commercials from the late 60’s. I wish I cleaned as well and as quickly as the advertisement implied, but instead I sort of go in circles of my own. But I digress.

I love Kristin’s projects in the book. She is really about color, and she thinks of ways to stitch and things to stitch on (gift boxes, for example) that most of us would never imagine without a little help.

I love to embellish things, be it with embroidery, beads, fabric paint, fingernail polish, markers, you name it. Kristin’s book is about embellishing with “stitchery” (embroidery). It is about making textiles jump to a new level of fun, color and artfulness. Very ColorJoy indeed. You can find Kristin’s blog at http://getting-stitched-on-the-farm.blogspot.com/ and if you can not find her book in your local yarn shop (very possible since it’s not much about knitting specifically) you can order it on her new shopping cart.

needlefeltedberet.jpgToday, Kristin’s blog entry is some wonderful mohair crocheted flowers that she then embroidered to make them more colorful and interesting. They are WONDERFUL! There are also photos of the zinnias she has picked in her yard. I love her sense of color and it often shows in the photos on her blog.

You can also take a peek at some of her knitwear designs if you go to this page: http://www.kristinnicholas.com/knitwear.htm which shows that even though she does much colorwork, she does a bit with other textured/cabled knitting as well.

pinkembellishedhat16.jpgFor two free patterns by Kristin Nicholas, visit the Knitting Daily free pattern page. Knitting Daily is an online presence from Interweave Knits (a wonderful magazine). Knitting Daily will send you emails several times a week and talk more in detail about patterns than can be put into print.

It’s worth giving the Knitting Daily folks your email address to get these great messages… my favorite of which is the ones where they take a sweater that was featured in the print magazine, and then they get real folks in the Interweave office to try it on. They tell you the measurements of a sweater and the measurements of the people trying it on, put it on folks bigger and smaller than the sweater, and let you decide if you like it snug or loose or with shorter/longer sleeves, or not at all. Very very cool.

Kristin and I have been corresponding a bit this week because I ordered my book directly from her. It turns out that she will be at Stitches East on Friday and I’ll be there Saturday and maybe Sunday. However, we will both be at Rhinebeck/New York Sheep and Wool on Sunday so I’ll get to meet her then. Good things come to those who wait.

Photos? These are some of my own embellished items. Stanley Aladdin thermos, palm device, needlefelted hat (teal/green/purple), embroidered and beaded hat (pink/turquoise), my first cellphone with fabric paint dots.

Pics of Drummond Island

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007


We stayed at a very nice, relatively new resort/hotel/conference center on Drummond Island for Rae’s knitting retreat last weekend. I took photos of the grounds and the buildings. Here is a shot of the grounds between the building where we had our classes (this was an older building than where we slept) and a fine restaurant. It didn’t look that fine from the outside but those who had dinner there were really pleased.


Then I have a shot of the shoreline (I’m not sure which body of water this is, I had heard we were in the center of the island so this bay confused things for me). I think it’s some sort of bay, just because the restaurant had the word Bay in its name.

drummondisland3.jpgThe last photo today is the staircase railing in the quarters where we stayed. Rae and I each had our own double bed downstairs, and Gwen had her own single bed up in the loft at the top of this stairway. I loved the paint job and the energy of the zigzag cuts in the railing. There was mostly red paint, some warm yellow, and a small amount of sage green… all on tone set of railings. It pleased my sense of ColorJoy in all ways!