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Archive for October 16th, 2007

The Best Laid Plans…

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Sometimes life takes a U-turn when we look the other way. It turns out that registrations worked out not as planned… I won’t be teaching at Rhinebeck next weekend as I had expected. We’ll do it another time, instead.

I found out about my schedule change while I was in DC. The truth is, I would not have gone to Stitches East/ Baltimore/ DC if I’d not expected to go to New York. I’m very glad I had the Stitches/Alison adventure and then a full lovely day with friends/family on Sunday.

The trip east was work-related but felt a lot like a vacation. (Food in any city makes me very, very happy… this time I had Chinese, Ethiopian and mideastern meals.) I slept like a baby Sunday night, found myself some great lunch on Jenny’s street Monday, and then turned my car toward home.

You know, I’m self employed. This means that I don’t get time off, I don’t get vacation time, it’s just go-go-go for the most part. Now I have 7 days where nobody expects me to do anything, no appointments at all. I’ll probably go to lunch with Altu on Thursday as we do whenever we can.

Other than that, I get to actually catch up on things I normally do not get time to do. I hope I can make myself mostly just stay locked in at home for a week and see what I can accomplish. I have felt so behind lately (especially in the pattern-writing realm) that a week is a real gift.

And I will definitely be dyeing yarn this week. Yeah! Look for details soon on that.

I will also be running a comment contest with my own handpainted yarn as the prize. More on that when I figure out exactly what the terms/prize will be. Please stay tuned!