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Archive for October 27th, 2007

My Brain is Bursting

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

fall6.jpgI took an Adobe InDesign workshop today (it continues tomorrow). All I can tell is that yes, it’s a great program, and yes, I’ll be learning it forever.

With word processing I know there are things I don’t understand, but that does not bother me since everything I need/want to know, I have figured out down pat.

But page layout has always been hard for me. After all, I spent how long as a secretary? And how much longer as a word processing instructor? I still teach word processing one day a week part of the year. It seems word processing and page layout have significantly different ways of thinking about text.

I have no problem that typing more stuff makes things pop to an extra page. That is just fine with me. But Word flips out when you place too many photos… all of a sudden your 6 page document is 15 pages and corrupted. Or the third photo you place on page one somehow lands on page 7. Ugh.

I must get with the program. Except I know so many hints and tips and tricks and work-arounds in Word… and I know almost nothing about Adobe InDesign.

I have done PageMaker (never made sense even after classes), and Publisher (the interface was Microsoft but it’s far too simple a program), even CorelDraw 4, for one single project (the CD art for our In The Garden CD, which Brian planned/designed and I put into the program acceptable to the CD manufacturing company).

fall7.jpgInDesign is clearly better than all of the above for laying out knitting patterns. I can only hope that I will learn enough to start using it immediately when class is complete.

The leaves are still beautiful, and they have not all fallen yet. Even with all this rain, they are hanging on. One hard frost and we will be bleak and colorless, but for now it is a fiery sky on every street. Really, really beautiful!

Enjoy your fall weekend, whatever it brings you. Mine is bringing me learning and color. That’s a pretty good weekend, I’d say.

Photos: more of the trees in the few blocks behind our house. The city is full of beauty but these trees often are some of the best. This year, it is doubly true. So beautiful! So ColorJoy!

It occurs to me looking at these photos just now, that they are every bit as majestic as some of my favorite photos that I took in Africa.


Saturday, October 27th, 2007

It has already been a too-full day and it is just barely past noon.

I went to bed at 2am or so (a little early for my typical schedule) after posting a blog entry. I got up at just before 8am and ColorJoy.com was not responding. Ack!

I have known that the woman I’ve had handling my domain name was selling her business. I got a note from her and then I thought a note from the folks taking over. Wrong. Of course I could have read the note better and that part is my fault. The end result was that my domain went silent, probably around 6am.

Thanks to my ever-helpful life partner/spouse Brian, and an email to the woman who has held my domain name since the beginning, I’m up and running again. I was probably only down for about 4 hours.

I was so tired, so cranky, so disrupted this morning. I burned *two* batches of oatmeal while running between the kitchen and the computer. I am sad to say that I was not as nice to Brian this morning as he deserves… I think I need to bake him a pie or something, very very soon. It is my belief that one should be kindest to those who are in their closest inner circle. I did not stick to that belief for an hour or so this morning.

But now as I write this, I’ve had some caffeine, some lunch, some time to decompress. I have a working website/domain name again (if you sent me an email during that half-day, please re-send it). And I’m ready to go back to class for the afternoon, rested and refreshed.

One day at a time, one hour at a time. Back to class!