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Archive for November 3rd, 2007

Dancing Friday with Mahtaab

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Eudora DancingEudora with Basket Balanced on Head

I had a great time dancing as my alter-ego, Eudora, Friday at New Aladdins. My family was there (Mom, Fred and hubby Brian), plus the Andersons who may be the Habibi Dancers’ best fans, and Mahtaab’s hubby was also there. Then there were lots of children who were very involved as we danced, sometimes dancing with us. There were a few new dance students there to see how it might look if they kept with it.

I love dancing at this restaurant, the interaction with the crowd is so wonderful. They made it much fun, indeed.

Brian took photos of us with his iphone and posted them to Flickr while we were still at the restaurant. He is a show off! Here are a few, I hope you like them.

(The dress I am wearing here is the one I bought the day before Christmas in Cairo, Egypt, 2004. I got the basket in Nairobi, Kenya the week before that. Both the dress and basket were made by hand. The dress is very much unique (you can see on the inside how it was made), probably no other dress has that exact style. That trip was life changing. It seems like forever ago, already…)