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Archive for November 9th, 2007

Student Works this Week

Friday, November 9th, 2007

kristishawlshiny.jpgIt is so wonderful to be back into cool weather busy-mode time. I have had some days with three classes in a day. I have had classes with a few more students. I have fewer classes canceling and more filling. It’s more fun and more like I want my life to be. Yippee!

Last week I taught Kristi Comfort Wrap at Yarn Garden in Charlotte. I had a Mom-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law pair and they are both relatively new knitters.

They did not have any stash leftover sockyarns to knit along with the warm main yarn, so Lindsay worked with them before I even got there, going through her back room fun yarns which are marked down right now. We did not have to do much in the yarn-choosing part of the class so we dove right in and started knitting, though I did talk color while they were stitching away.

polyclayshinytbearnov07.jpgI got a photo of one of the started pieces in this class. I have made a lot of these wraps but all of my knit-alongs have been soft, softer, softest. None of my Kristi wraps have had shiny yarns in them (other than silk), so I got to see a new way of making it happen. Much fun, they love what they have going so far.

On Sunday I taught a new Polymer Clay buttons/beads class at Threadbear, which was about sparkle and shine and translucents. We used metal leaf and tinted translucent clays, and had a grand time.

I had three students, and I knew all of them at least socially before we started. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do for several hours on a weekend.

Here is one tray of buttons that came out of that workshop. It came out a little fuzzy and the colors look a smidge darker than I remember them being. This photo is also before a shiny acrylic finish was applied. Can you see how nice those motifs might be as buttons? I am in love with the red-orange/gold combination which I’d never tried myself. Very nice.

On Thursday I had a couple of classes at Rae’s shop in Lansing. First I had a third-week beginning knit student who made a small pouch including knit, purl, increase, decrease, garter fabric and stockinette fabric. She blocked her work last week after class, and this week she learned to do a mattress stitch seam, backstitch seam, crochet chain seam and even grafted five stockinette stitches for the handle. A very nice job, indeed. I’m sorry I did not get a photo of that. Next week she may choose to make a cabled scarf or hat, or perhaps some knitted flowers.

At night at Rae’s on Thursday, I had my First-Time Toe-Up Socks class. This is my all-time best-attended class (though polymer clay takes a very close second). I just love teaching this one, I will never tire of it. The sock is relatively easy to get started, and some folks get a whole pair done in the 3 weeks and start another… while others will almost finish their first sock, and everyone is still relatively equal. Love it (it is too soon for photos, for that class).

Thanks, as always, to my students and the shops where I teach. I know how lucky I am to have you all. My gratitude. Let’s do it again soon!