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Archive for November 11th, 2007

A Bird in the Bush and More Color

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

cardinal.jpgIt’s definitely the very end of fall here. We had a few flakes of snow a few days back and the kids were thrilled. The chard left growing in my garden has turned totally red, very pretty, and I need to cut it and put it in some soup with the lovely sweet potatoes showing up in markets everywhere right now.

I find it amazing how at the very end of any sort of warm season, the plants push like crazy to keep blooming, keep making seeds, trying desperately to procreate before they give up the ghost in a hard frost. Right now I still have parsley doing fine, and since I moved the one tomato bush in to the unheated mudroom it is still making tomatoes. I have two bunches growing (had to pinch off many blooms in the last 3 weeks, it kept trying and that would not have been good for the plant).

autumnmsufarm.jpgI think I have nine or ten fruits growing and one is almost as big as a tennis ball. They are all green but if it gets much colder the pot goes down in the dyeing studio next to the dryer, under the full-spectrum lights. I did this one other year and we had red tomatoes off the vine in November. I think this may happen again this year, as long as I keep remembering to water the plant.

My geranium pots are also making buds like crazy, and blooming in spite of a few frosty nights. I have petunias in these pots, too, and you can at least see they are purple but they are closed tight, there is no warm sun to reach for. Sigh.

lateseasongeraniums.jpgI took some fall photos this week. One is a male cardinal in a bush at my Mom’s house. I took the photo through a plate glass window but it worked reasonably well anyway. The multicolored trees are at Michigan State University, back where they have two golf courses and a bunch of farmland. I think this is near the horse area but it might be the golf course.