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Archive for November 12th, 2007

A “Jammies Day”

Monday, November 12th, 2007

I spent all of Sunday at home. I made myself put pajama pants on after my very long and luxurious bath, so that I would stay put. I needed a bit of slowing down after a pretty intense few weeks.

I caught up on some things, did work on preparing a pattern for submission, and attacked the yarn collection with vigor. I got more yarn put away. Sometimes I think I’m saving time by tossing my unneeded yarns on a flat surface, but I swear if you leave too many of them together for too long they start a bit of a mating dance and you can not separate them without a lot of time and patience.

Diana points out that when I take the time to straighten out the working-yarn inventory, I sound obviously more relaxed when we chat on the phone. Interesting observation.

And it’s amazing… I thought I’d used up all of my Malabrigo worsted merino yarn… but I found two more skeins of a hot fuschia just when I needed it.

So my desk is still messy but I can find my yarns a bit better. I have shelves but I really need bins on the shelves. At least for now everything is crammed tightly into the shelves so it won’t hop onto the floor.

When you are a painter, you can keep all your paints in a toolbox with extras in a few drawers. When you are a polymer clay artist, the work table can be bigger than the storage area. With yarn, I all of a sudden have to decorate the living room walls with shelves all the way to the ceiling, full of yarn. it’s like a small section of a yarn store but more random. Colorful but messy looking.

A New Week of Classes

Anyway, I’m starting a new week today and it feels like a fresh start after a day off at home. I teach computers to retirees tonight, which will be much fun. I’ve got a Wristwarmer class at Little Red Schoolhouse on Tuesday at 5:30pm-8pm (anybody want to join up?) and Wednesday I have CityKidz Knit at Foster Center.

Thursday I teach at Rae’s, both knitting Study Hall and First-Time Toe-Up Socks (2nd session of 3). Friday I teach Darn That Sock! at Threadbear at 6pm. Saturday I have a joint Party Stole/Kristi Comfort Wrap class at Rae’s 11-3pm, Sunday at Rae’s I’m doing a baby sock (small version of Fast Florida Footies not needing a gauge swatch), also 11-3. Perhaps some of you local folks would like to join one class or another. I’d love to see you.

I am all for more Jammies Days! I feel ready to start a busy week of teaching.