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Archive for November 15th, 2007

Happy News!

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

magknitspeek1.jpgI have been beating around the bush here lately… preparing a pattern “for submission” and not saying even much about that. I got word this morning, it’s official: I will have a pattern published in the February/spring issue of the online magazine, MagKnits.

This is really exciting for me. I’ve been writing patterns/designing since 2001 and when Dawn Brocco was publishing her Heels and Toes Gazette, I had 5 patterns and one article published by her. However, since she stopped creating new issues (back issues are still available) I have self-published everything. Publishing deadlines can be rough, and I just did not want to add extra stress on my already-busy schedule.

However, Rae Blackledge and Diana Troldahl (both knitting partners of mine) have both published with Magknits and both encouraged me to submit. The good part is that the deadline is when you submit, so it’s clear when you contact them that you can make it work. I had to submit the pattern and photos and schematic at the same time. (Some other publications require a sketch, a swatch and a description upon submission.) So I knew the deadline ahead of time, and I was able to make it happen.

And I got an email this morning from Kerrie with an offer to publish. And I accepted. And I’m reeeeeally excited!

I can’t show you the whole thing or give full details here, but I can put teasers out. Here’s your first peek. There will not be many, it’s pretty hard to make this thing look like something it is not, but in February you get a free LynnH pattern online. Worth the wait, I think.