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Archive for November 16th, 2007

Pondering Again

Friday, November 16th, 2007

twiggydressgarden.jpgAaah, life makes us think from time to time, my friends. Now is one of those times.

1. I spoke with a tax preparer the other day, not because I hired him but because he spoke to a group I’m in. We chatted a bit about the hard decisions a self-employed person must make, which really happen nearly every day. Constantly we decide which items on our plate are most worthy of attention. Constantly we re-evaluate if what we are doing is working well for us. We re-adjust as we go, if we want to progress toward whatever goals we might have.

When I talked about the many things I can choose to do, to make an income within the realm of “fiber artist/instructor,” he asked “where is your passion?” “What does your heart tell you is most important?”

2. I also recently talked to a friend of a friend who is a Chi Gong (sp) instructor, hypnotist and practitioner of other methods used for self-improvement and self-actualization. She’s in a field as etherial as the tax guy’s field is nuts & bolts. She talked about aligning the subconscious and the “higher self” in order to do what is best for us, not only for work but for health and happiness. She used very different words, but I think they were talking about the same thing.

3. Then I talked to Matt of Threadbear tonight. We were looking at the end result of a very quick knitting project I did when I was in Washington DC. I made wristwarmers but I made them differently than the pattern I have been selling for years. I was not sure about a certain feature of the design. He liked that part quite a lot.

torontolynninstreetcar.jpgHe talked about how for him, it seems that designs most pleasant to the eye are often those which fit the body most accurately. The thumbhole experiment I did, fits the thumb relatively well in this pair, and he thought that made the design more lovely (my word, not necessarily his). Sort of “if something is what it’s supposed to be, it will no doubt be beautiful.”

4. Buckminster Fuller (the scientist who devloped the geodesic dome) also was quoted talking a bit like our Matt. He said “When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”

5. Robert Genn is a painter who writes a twice-weekly email newsletter. I subscribe though often I do not have time to read in depth. He’s quite thoughtful and thought-provoking when I do have time. His subjects often relate to any art, painter or not.

This week Mr. Genn spoke on authenticity. How we value it but each person perceives it differently. I read an article today on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (the Yarn Harlot). I love Stephanie as do thousands of other knitters, and I’m clear that the main reason is her authenticity. I think the world needs more Stephanies, more heroes of this kind, more people we love for who they are… in spite of their warts; in fact, maybe because of them.

lynnbirthday48small.jpg6. Friend Kris Elliott of Texas/All in a Day wrote this week about baggage we sometimes carry around past the time when we need to let go. I remembered a previous struggle I went through. I wonder how far I am in the journey at this point? Am I dragging something(s) around that I’d do better without?

7. My friend Susan Luks often says she wishes for a solution which affords ease. It is interesting to me that she sews and works with woven fabrics, and sewers/knitters talk about ease as the measurable space between the body and a garment.

However, Susan talked about it in reference to my efforts to try to get over to her home and spend some time with her. We did find a day where there was ease, finally, and I spent a lot of time with her that day, which was pleasant and worthy of the wait. We had a day at ease, when it finally came time.

Of course all of these things make me turn inward. Who am I? Am I authentic with myself, with others? Am I following my passion, aligning my subconscious with my outward best self? Can I find a level of authenticity that I can maintain with happiness? Can I make that a career path which will have staying power? Usually I would answer yes to these questions… but it is reasonable to keep asking, as things change by the hour.

newyearlynnknitting12.jpgI’m typing this at 2am (I will date it midnight the day before) as I fight to stay awake long enough to save it. Even though that sounds like maybe I’m not fully here, I have been soaking up these ideas for days. I think I’ll let them mull around in my subconscious (!) as I ease myself into bed to rest and dream.

Any thoughts from you? Anyone else contemplating these things heading into the busy holiday season right now?

Photos… collected ColorJoy everyday and special occasion costuming adventures. The one thing I know? The color thing… that’s really me, it is authentic Lynn. Other stuff can be debated perhaps… but my first memory is about color, and I still see life that way.