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Archive for November 25th, 2007

For the Knitters: Legwarmers (in Process)

Sunday, November 25th, 2007


I’m still knitting legwarmers. I knit on this one all day at Altu’s on Saturday, and folks were guessing what it was. Usually they guessed right, but since the ribbed design is so springy, they look more like a sleeve than something that would fit on a leg.

Here is one sad photo for you, but at least on my monitor the color looks right on. It’s a subtle (grayed/low-chroma) combination of darker colors with blue undertones. There are two purples, one more blue (grape) and one more red (plum) and then a tiny bit of blue between colors, and a nice scattering of a teal which really gives it some depth. (This might be the “pop” color, for those who heard my talk on color last Tuesday at the knitting guild.)

This yarn was a gift. Huge gift. I am showing the one legwarmer, as it was on Saturday morning before I went to Altu’s. On the left is another skein (half pound) waiting to become the second legwarmer. AND I own yet another skein of the same stuff, which will become something but I don’t know what yet. There will no doubt be a little leftover from each legwarmer, too.

They are really long enough, right now. If I measure them flat, they are 34 inches. I want them to be 24 inches high on my leg, but I want that to include a 3 inch folded-over cuff at the top and a bunch of scrunchy/slouchy extra fabric around my ankles. If I wear them right now, they are tall enough with the cuff but no scrunch. I am *very* close. Then I need to knit the second one. Sigh…

What I like about this colorway for these huge/warm legwarmers, is that they are subtle enough and not solid-colored (solid is so hard to wear with other colors), that I will probably be able to wear them with a lot of things. In the garment world, they get a lot of use out of “this will go with everything” but they say it about black and beige for the most part. Yawn, not my thing. But a grayed-out, mostly-purple with lots of bits of other related colors? Oh, yeah! Goes with everything in *my* closet.

Brian told a friend of ours that purple is “Lynn’s beige.” He’s right.