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Archive for November 28th, 2007

Blogiversary/Birthday Comment Contest

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

lynnbirthday48small1.jpgSome of you have asked… Today (Wednesday, November 28) is my birthday. I’m 49 today… I’m not quite sure how I got here but I’m delighted to be.

For the record, I do have a nice healthy stripe of gray/silver hair. And I love every strand… I earned them the hard way and am glad to have learned those lessons, glad to be where I am today.

Today is also the 5th anniversary of this ColorJoy blog. On my birthday in 2002 (it was Thanksgiving Day)yarns.jpg, I gave myself the gift of a blog. I was committed to posting often. Later I got specific (my goal is 28 posts a month, most months I do better than that). I know that I am grateful for the blogs that are reliably ready with a new post every time I visit. I wanted to be reliable myself.

My Grandma Ruthie wrote every word of the tiny local paper every week, Grandpa Oscar printed it. Also my Grandma Illa wrote a column for a four-state magazine aimed at farmers and their families, and became quite popular from that. My uncle OT owned a newspaper, and my father had a PhD in Journalism and was a professor of Communications.

Therefore, It is in my blood to be interested in this sort of thing. I do consider my blog to be “my column” and I write with that as a guiding principle. I try to write in at least some way like a journalist, though I have little training in that field (middle school newspaper was a long time ago). I have always wanted a column, and now I have one.

OK… so here’s the plan. I am celebrating my blogiversary with a contest. I will have prizes. The prizes will be yarn, for the most part, but you can choose a Fabulous Heftones “In the Garden” music CD instead. I know I have a few readers from my music/dance worlds, and a few family members pop by who do not knit. I will not leave you out!

In the next week, until 1:00 am Eastern Time (like New York City) next Wednesday, December 5, I will count comments. Each person can comment once per post. This means if I post twice in a day you can comment twice in a day, though I don’t know that I’ll do that.

At that point I will randomly choose winners from a hat, one piece of paper per comment you left. I’m not looking for cleverness… just a hello. If you have never posted before, this is your chance to break the ice.

seasidewhateversize.jpgI will give away at least three prizes. They may be yarn I dyed, or yarn I purchased (it will be nice in either case), probably with a pattern that will work with the yarn. Perhaps I will choose some other fibery gift I have not thought of yet.

I honestly do not know what it will be as I type this, though I am thinking about it carefully. The goal is to have you love it.

Do please say hello. There is no need to leave a long, carefully-written response, a short hello will do. Do not feel you need to apologize for not leaving one sooner if you have not. If you have any trouble leaving a comment, write to me in an email… to Lynn AT colorjoy DOT com (replacing AT and DOT with the proper symbols, and removing spaces). Tell me what the problems were like, I want to know.

Ready, set… go!

(Photos? My birthday last year, complete with Birthday Pie and interesting clown candle, thanks to creative Mom Liz. And photos of possible prizes or something on the order of the prizes.)