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Archive for November 30th, 2007

Business and Pleasure

Friday, November 30th, 2007

feltysquares.jpgBusiness: Yarns for Sale

Finally, some business to post. I have added a small handful of yarns to my shopping cart tonight.

I am trying a new yarn which holds much promise. It is a worsted-weight, soft 100% wool which felts well. I am excited about this yarn which I am currently calling Funky Felty Worsted.

I knit a 4×4 (10cmx10cm) square swatch, and I felted it until it was quite dense (I did this by hand because of time restrictions). I ended up with a soft, mildly fuzzy but not hairy, dense fabric which then measured 3×3 inches. That comes out to 75% of the original size, or a 25% reduction if you measure it that way. I could have stopped earlier if I chose, it would still have been felted but not as dense. Photo top right.

seasidewhateversize1.jpgI would like to create patterns for this feltable yarn at some point, probably bags. However, we all know that I’m behind on the patterns I have already started writing so that needs to go on the “B” list for now.

Meanwhile, I can at least say that I have also felted this as a two-color stranded knitting piece (with Nashua Creative Focus Worsted alpaca/wool) and it worked out very well. It was quite nice as a multicolored yarn with a darker solid. Very nice. For some reason, that sample is hiding somewhere in my studio and I can’t photograph it for you today.

springpond200x400.jpgI also have two colors of Tip-Toe Sockyarn in my “Pond” series. I have Cool Pond and Spring Pond available right now (Dark Pond already sold out, quietly, before I announced it).

They were dyed in the same session so they would be lovely together in one project. In this case, each has three colors applied to it and two of the dye colors are shared between the skeins. (I am dreaming of shawls, also for spare time.) Spring Pond is at lower right.

And there are finally a few new half-pound skeins of Cushy Colorsport (washable merino DK, fabulous for baby things), in Seaside colorway. This is my most popular colorway, in my signature yarn. Rae is making a Baby Surprise Jacket in this very yarn, right now. Photo is at left.

Pleasure: Comment Contest/Inspiration?

OK, and so that there is something to say while the comment contest continues… please consider telling us where you go when you desire inspiration or an artful day. For example, I might walk alone to a restaurant and watch/listen to those around me, perhaps observing colors, clothing, or how folks interact. I may write a poem or knit swatches.

I might go to the farmer’s market and see what vegetables are currently in season, and dream of good home-cooked food. I might go to another city and spend time at an art museum. I might listen to a CD by a friend, or a radio station I do not know well.

So what do you do… or what do you wish to do for inspiration when you need a boost?