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Archive for December 3rd, 2007

Mellowing Out

Monday, December 3rd, 2007


Sunday I stayed home, thank goodness, as the weather was pretty nasty out. We had mixed snow and rain, and it was good to stay in. I got a lot of computer work done… updated my Google calendar/public schedule and answered a whole lot of back emails waiting for an answer.

I also did some routine things, as we discussed here yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen a bit, ran a few loads of dishes (our dishwasher is half-sized and I bake a lot), and made a very large batch of food so that I could eat plenty and still freeze a few portions.

A Winter Walk

But I was antsy and edgy, and cleaning was not doing enough for me to calm down inside. So Brian announced that the temperature was 39F (above freezing) and that we might as well wander out and take a walk. I was all for it.

I dug out the good boots I got when I had a job requiring walking in snow. They are still good boots, I’m grateful for them. Then I put on the big men’s coat I got last year at Volunteers of America, which is totally impervious to wind. A hat and earmuffs, gloves, legwarmers and a few shawls, and I was good to go. Isn’t knitting wonderful that way? (Yes, I’m a wimp. I don’t like being cold so I have the clothes to deal with it.)

We walked a long time. Several of you have mentioned this week about the restorative power a walk can have (rain or not, dog or not). I am so grateful that my legs allow me to walk… not everyone has this option and I’m clear about that.


The neighborhood has one block where they always outdo each other with the Christmas light decorations. I mean, outdo. Last year we thought they had maxed out. Nope, this year it was even more.

There is now a digital readout for how many days/hours/minutes till Christmas. They have Mickey Mouse adult-sized air balloon sculptures, I think there are 4 of those. And the lights! All the way up a tree as well as on the house. Very cool, really.

I am not really big into decorating for any holiday, However, I am very big into light and color. So I am very big into the lights part of Christmas decorations. We keep the lights on the windows all year, though we don’t usually turn them on until winter.


I read The Iceland Weather Report blog very regularly. She posts the sun-up and sun-down times on each day. Right about now, reading her makes me more grateful for Lansing. We get a lot of cloudcover but the sun tries to peek through longer than in Iceland! We are not expected to see even minimal sun now, until Thursday where it will be partly sunny.

However, in Iceland on December 1, Alda wrote: Sunrise this morning was at 10.44 and sunset at 3.48 pm. Whew!

OK, that just brings me gratitude. How about you?


There are something like 18 days left until the sun turns around and stays longer. Let’s think about light while it’s this scarce. It surely does help us see color fully.

I used to always light a candle before creating. I now make sure that all my lights are on in the dye studio, to make me happier but also so that I can see color properly. I even make sure to only paint walls white (trim is colored, I can’t help myself) so that the light can reflect more into the house.

My Christmas tree adds light, with or without lights on it. We have a 1940s silver tinsel tree. If we put it in the south window, it reflects light into the house any time there is light outside.

Today’s Questions

Do you use light in any creative ways? Do you use colored lights at holidays? Do you find candles, fireplaces, heaters… any of those more important to your life this time of year (assuming you have winter right now… the Internet includes people all over the world)?

What do you do, to get through the low-light part of the year? Do you need walks, as I did today? Other activities? Heat? Light?