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Archive for December 4th, 2007

Relationships During Holidays

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

citykidzfeb07.jpgMy Mondays are full of tasks, errands, and four hours of teaching. I get home with a worn out voice and the intent to relax.

It was SO wonderful to find food in the freezer that I could just thaw and eat for dinner. What a gift I gave myself when I made that first meal, and froze half of what I’d made for later. I feel so nurtured when I have a long day and I can come home and not fuss too much in the kitchen.

Ironically, what I did while waiting for the microwave to do its magic… is clean the kitchen. I guess that post a few days ago really got through to me. I am feeling nurtured by a tidier room.

It is not like the dishes were piled that high, but that there were a lot of things hanging out on the counter without homes. Mostly recycling or clean containers waiting for me to cook more and freeze the leftovers. Except, more of those containers than I could ever need. I tend to hoard things, I hate to waste and throw away when something can be used later. Except I’m drowning in things like that.

I am inspired to do housekeeping of other sorts… a little work with my online shop, a little checking things on Etsy, a little on this new knitting community called Ravelry. And checking emails, chatting with those of you who left comments on previous posts.

Last year I pushed all December to finish socks I’d started earlier in the year, and in January I made my LynnH SockTour 2006 page. There is something about the last month of the year which inspires a push to the finish.

singingfest12byregina.jpgI want to spend the last month of the year, though… concentrating on my relationships. Spending time and/or focus on those I love. I have been connecting quite a bit with Sis-in-Love Diana and her hubby/my brother Eric. I have been spending time with my friend who has started a new life and can use some support. I have been connecting (mostly email) with my mother.

I have not spent nearly enough time with Brian, though… mostly dinner and rehearsal each night. At least we will be singing together on Friday at Foods for Living, from 4-6… and then at Altu’s on Saturday from 6:30-8:30.

Singing together is when I feel the very most married of all. It’s a wonderful experience, making this music together (especially on stage).

I want to spend time on the quality of my relationships this month. I’m not worrying about gifts for anyone except the person whose name I drew for the Habibi Dancers’ holiday party in a few weeks. Other than that, it’s about connection.

Connecting is hard to do when things get hectic this time of year, but it’s a goal of mine. I would like to sit down and hand-write gratitude notes to loved ones and special people who serve me during the year (like nurses I love in two different doctor’s offices).

What are you focusing on this month? Just keeping the schedule can be hard with the extra events of the holidays. My friends who are mothers balance their own schedules with those of their kids. How do you connect with those you love during this busy but relationship-focused time?

Photos: Me with two of my CityKidz Knitters last February. They were both knitting toe-up socks. The girl at left was wearing the toe on her nose as a nosewarmer, as a sort of joke. Yup. Relationship counts. We have such fun! Also photo of Brian and me at Singing Festival early this year, taken by Regina. More relationship.