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Archive for December 5th, 2007

Not Doing it All

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

citykidzkittendec07.jpgWow, guys… I fell asleep on the couch with the laptop on my lap again, and did not post my after-midnight blog entry, which is my typical schedule. I was just too tired to do my routine, such as it is!

I enjoyed your comments from my previous post. It was really thought-provoking, what you do to focus on relationships, and which challenges you have in that area during holidays. As a non-parent, I had not really thought fully about the challenges of this multi-media/marketing society, for those with children.

I have come to my own place of simplicity through years of trial and error, and children just do not have that experience. And let us face it, children are all about passion and enthusiasm! They are the perfect targets for advertisers, unfortunately.

Rachel made a point in her message, that she tends to be introspective at the end of a season, until the next season presents much promise and the overwhelm takes over once more (my words, not hers). I replied to her:

Interesting point. I know I go in cycles, too. I get overwhelmed, start saying no to things, then it frees me up, then I believe I can do everything I want. Then I say yes, then I get overwhelmed, and on it goes! I’m so predictable, it’s sort of humorous.

Once upon a time I would do things I didn’t want to do, because others wanted/expected me to do those things. When I gave up doing that, I somehow believed there would be room for everything that I wanted/chose to do. Since it wasn’t for others. Hmmm, well, a person with passion has too many things to do, even if only doing things chosen alone. Funny how that works!

I really think that passionate people will always want to do more than the timeframe that one life offers. We can actively choose or follow our nose, but we will continue to follow the muse as long as we are on this earth. I am not sure I always choose the best focus of the moment, although living with passion is definitely the life for me.

citykidzdec07.jpgHoliday season makes everything more complicated. The weather is worse than usual, and the schedule is more full. There are expectations for gifts even in a life like mine where I mostly forego gifts (my dance troupe picks names and that group of women really enjoys the gift part of the holiday season). We need to buy or make gifts, which takes more money or time than our normal routine.

I do this over-busy thing at least two or three times a year, though I have not yet noticed if they form a pattern as far as time of year. I try to do everything I love and want to do. This is the inner teenager/optimist, who thinks there are no limitations if one is passionate. I love this state of being, it seems that anything is possible.

However, this optimism can not continue forever. I realize that I have people waiting for this or that, I try to do things and they stall for a million possible reasons. I figure out that one more time, I can’t do it all.

Reality is a rough one. I come face to face with the laundry, so to speak. Maintenance must be done, laundry and dishes to wash are created every day whether I notice them or not. My goal is to be fully adult as far as my obligations. Sometimes my inner teen is not so happy with that goal, however!

How do you balance the extra number of things to do this time of year, just when the weather fights efficiency? The lack of daylight time impacts even those in southern states, and those of us who live where it can make snow or ice, it is hard to get around far too often.

Even those reading this from corners of the world where it is summer right now, no doubt have more appointments than normal with the upcoming new year. Most cultures do some sort of relationship-enhancing activities at this time of year, no matter the belief system or weather.

Today is the last day for comments on my birthday-week comment contest. Every comment becomes one piece of paper in the hat for me to pull out when I assemble my prizes. You can comment once for every post since last Wednesday (I think I just extended my contest by one day but that is just fine in my book). Even if you do not knit, I will award you with music CDs… and if our music is not your thing, I guarantee you know someone who will really love it (sentimental favorites work for most of the retired community at this point, as well as a lot of us in all other age categories).

Photos: CityKidz Knit! last week. Girl with tree hat finished a sweater for her kitten stuffed animal and was most proud. She coordinated a photo-styling experience with hat and cat (woohoo it rhymes), told me how to make it look good.

For the record, the girl at right is 14 but taller than me, and she has been knitting with me for several years. She did some intarsia in the last month with no help from me at all, inspired by the internet. Now she is making lace from a chart she also found on the internet. (She is not holding the lace in this photo.) I told her she will know more about lace than I do when she’s done, but I’m helping as much as I can (and asking Rae when I can’t figure it out).