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Archive for December 11th, 2007

It’s a Good Life

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007


My life is so integrated at times… we went to a party on Sunday, one we attend every year in December. It’s at the home of friends we know from the music community. The guy host is a fiddler in a contra dance band and the lady hostess dances.

Yet she also knits. And so do other folks who come to that party. So this year it turned out sort of like 2 parties… the basement was where all the people went who wanted to play music. The living room was mostly knitters.

In this photo you have two people holding hanks of Cascade 220 worsted yarn, and the person standing center winding two strands of the yarn, at one time, together into a ball. The double-strand then would be knit into felted clogs (pattern by Fiber Trends). The clogs call for bulky yarn so two strands held together work just fine.

The woman front right with crossed legs, was knitting a pair of mittens though it’s hard to see at the very right side of the photo. I was of course knitting from my vantage point. (Brian was playing music with the group downstairs.)

In moments like these, it seems like I’m definitely in the right life. It is so comfortable to be with the folks who are in my life. It is so comfortable to just be me. I am grateful for these moments.