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Archive for December 14th, 2007

Good Memories

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Someone had a Christmas/holiday meme on their site with 26 questions. I’m not into a list of either/or questions, but I did pause for one of the 26. It asked for a favorite memory.

My family had no other relatives in Lansing… one relative in Michigan, which was Great-Great Aunt Ingeborg. Ingeborg had been born in Norway but lived here all her adult life. She was widowed young without children. She lived in Flint, an hour away, and did not drive.

We would go to her house for Easter dinner (she was a great cook and baker) but she did not always come for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Actually, somewhere around 1970 she moved to North Dakota to retire there with her brother.

For several years we had four of us in the state. My dad was a professor of Communications, back when there were only a few places in the world where you could study that field. He was a Doctoral Advisor to many students from all over the world.

Those students could not go home at holiday time, just because of the cost of travel. And none had seen a Thanksgiving dinner in person, just what they had seen on TV or in the newspaper. All had nowhere to go when the world stopped, the stores closed, and everything focused on the insides of American homes.

So Dad, who was a very compassionate guy, would invite his students to come for dinner. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner had at least one person, maybe a good handful, who was not related to us, but who we enjoyed and who would otherwise have a too-quiet evening. Sometimes we would even invite retired folks in the neighborhood.

There were always people whose first language was not English. We had guests from Spain, Australia, Israel, Sweden, Costa Rica, Mexico and more. They would tell stories. I learned more about the world at that dinner table than I could ever have learned from any book.

I also adored these people. They treated me well, adults were always more fun than kids. Kids could be mean. Dad’s adult guests always asked me questions and listened to my answers.

tubbytoastpumpkinpie.jpgAnd the fun! We would sing, for hours. My parents were endlessly amused by Eric and I singing silly songs we had learned at summer camp… forever. We got to stay up a lot later on those nights, and we had such fun singing and singing and laughing.

Sometimes they had us stand in front of the fireplace as if it were a stage. Sometimes we just sat around the table until we were told it was bedtime. These are my favorite memories of my childhood, from any time of year.

Do you have any special memories of any end-of-year holiday in the past? It need not be from childhood, it need not be Christmas.

I think the smiling Thanksgiving pie Brian baked just a few weeks back, is definitely on my short list of favorite memories…