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Archive for December 15th, 2007

Yuck (followed by a Gratitude List)

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

christmasbabyfff12.jpgHistorically I have fallen ill the week after Thanksgiving. For the last 5 or 6 years I lucked out somehow, but not this year.

I had a little hint of it before the holiday and I thought I could baby it through… but after more than a week of “sort of” feeling it, I now have been a bit overtaken. Last night I had to sleep propped on the couch so that I would not cough. It’s a cold, it will go away, I’ll be fine. But I’m bummed.

I learned from Diana/Otterwise that parsley can improve a stuffy sinus situation rather quickly. I can put dry parsley in my soup. Or, if I’m lucky (as I was today) and Brian brings home fresh parsley for some reason, I can just put some in the greens I cook for dinner. Very nice. Worst case, Diana says you can just plain make tea from the dry stuff. I’m telling you, we are talking food as medicine here. Almost everyone knows that chicken soup can heal, but why is it that nobody talks about parsley?

I’m making comfort foods here this week, within the restrictions of my food allergies. One of the good things from getting a new allergist is that he’s retesting me… some of the old foods and lots of ones I was never tested for before. He confirmed that I can have soy… so I made some tapioca pudding yesterday with soy milk and brown sugar, and very much enjoyed that. It looks rather caramel-colored but tastes comforting. I had the last bit for breakfast today. What a treat!

christmasbabysassy12.jpgThe down side of extra tests, is a longer list of things I should avoid. I have literally been to the new office five different times for scratch tests. Yesterday was the kicker… no garlic, ginger, cinnamon. The garlic in particular is going to be very difficult for me. At least I can have some onion, and vanilla and nutmeg will work. But this even more limits my ability to get food at restaurants. Although maybe these three will add up to the missing piece. I keep getting reactions when I think I’ve been really strict in following Doctor’s orders. One day at a time, we will see.

OK, what is pleasant in my life today?

The sun did not hide. It was not too cold. I made a wonderful dinner of swiss chard and a few other veggies.

I spent time talking with a bunch of people I love. I checked my minutes on my phone and I did not go over my monthly allottment after being way over on minutes the first 2 weeks.

And I talked to my brother on the phone a little. I adore Eric, he’s the best. Any day I talk to him is a good day.

Hmmm, other things to be grateful for? Brian, Brian, Brian. This city where I have such a fine community. The places where I work… friends as well as economic partners. Lots and lots of wool, great foods in the refrigerator, a car I really enjoy driving, a laptop which surfs the internet without wires, on my lap while I’m on the couch. Great sweaters and ethnic clothing to wear. Family members totally on my team.

And Color!

What are you grateful for today? One thing is all we need, one item of gratitude can turn a day (or a post) around. Join me in the gratitude list, if you so choose. Or not (always your choice, of course).

Photos? Fast Florida Footies in size 0, two colors… and mini Sassy Summer Handbags, both knit by Diana using Cascade 220 yarn. She knit them last year… and for the record, these versions are included in the for-sale versions of both patterns. The footies are one color only in the pattern but Diana changed colors where the pattern sections changed, it’s simple to do on your own.