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Archive for December 16th, 2007

Gray but Good

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Weather Report

Today the sky stayed the same color from “sunup” to “sundown” though we never saw any hint of actual sunlight… just a half a glow through the clouds. This is normal winter weather in Lansing, and much better than the ice storms others are dealing with. We could drive around. This is all very good.

Class Fun

I taught a Polymer Clay Gifts class at Rae’s and it was great fun. I got photos which you will definitely see in the next week. Not today, however…

A Needed Rest

When I got home I felt so draggy (I was expected at a holiday gathering and then possibly two other spots) that I called my brother. He told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to stay home the rest of the day. This cold/sinus thing is not bad enough for me to notice I should slow down, apparently, but it’s clear to those around me.

So I called and made my regrets known. And within 20 minutes I was out cold, napping on the couch, for a full two and a half hours. That brother of mine knows me better than I do.

For the record, this whole time I’ve been dragging with this bug, Brian has been bringing me breakfast and dinner pretty much every day. Asks me what kind of tea I want, even. I feel so spoiled! I wish I didn’t look pathetic enough to warrant this special care but I do appreciate it.

Oh, Yeah… Holiday Knitting

I am still mildly in denial about gifts. I have three more and all need some sort of handmade effort. One is a wrap/hug which needs only a crochet edging. One is a wrap/hug that is merely 1/4 done but luckily is on large needles. I have about 300 yards of yarn left to knit on size 15 needles. One stitch at a time. Fortunately I can do the knitting while listening to podcasts or reading blogs.

Except it seems that lots of bloggers aren’t blogging right now. This is totally understandable but a disappointment for me, who wants to read while she knits. I’m doing very easy things that do not require looking (mind you, I learned to knit in 5th grade… it makes a 5th grader very cool if she can knit without looking). But for now I’ll just listen to podcasts instead… at least when Brian’s not in the same room and forced to listen at the same time.

Oh… and then I need to do one more special thing for one more beloved. Will deal with that late next week after the two “hugs” are complete.


I’m too boring to post a photo today. We have only two obligations tomorrow… a friend who does construction work is coming to look at maybe putting in a vent fan (big excitement) in our kitchen (the stove is half in front of a window, ugh, so there is no way to do a regular vent hood). Then at 6:30-8:30 we will be performing at Schuler Books at Meridian Mall. And after that performance, I’m essentially “on vacation” from teaching and singing for 3 weeks. I have much to do at home, however…