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Archive for December 19th, 2007

Creative Work by Students

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007


I’m catching up on photos today, as I still fight some bit of this bug which makes me want to sleep all day and all night.

First here is a grouping of jars made as holiday gifts in the Polymer Clay Gift class last Sunday. We also made pens and talked about crochet hooks with polymer handles. I’m very happy with how these came out. Mine are now filled with candies as a quick gift for holidays. I am thinking of maybe putting a ribbon around the jar as well, but it’s not necessary.

You can see that there are a good number of styles available to embellish jars in this way. I love how the lid becomes a small canvas. It can be hippy-dippy or it can be elegant, or somewhere in between.

I have been working with polymer clay since 1991. My student started Sunday. I think it is hard to tell which of the jars I made and which she did. Good job, don’t you think?

The second photo is evidence of how creative a child can be. I had some kids who were quite young joining my CityKidz Knit! program in the last several weeks. When a kid is almost ready to knit, they need some small motor skills development before we get them going on knitting needles.

citykidzdec12-07.jpgSometimes I teach them how to crochet a simple chain using their fingers, just to get used to how yarn responds. And since one of my Kidz taught me how to do finger-knitting (it’s like an I-cord, a tube made of interlocking loops) I teach them that as well, before getting them going on needles.

Well, then the kids who do fine on needles also want to finger knit. And why not?

So this child, who last week knit a sweater for her stuffed animal, decided this week to finger-knit a tube. Since I only allow toys/dolls in the room if they are creating for that toy that day, she then had to figure out what to do with the tube she made, for that doll, to justify having the doll in the room.

She wrapped the tube around the doll’s head once and its neck twice, like a muffler or a headband. It looks so stylish!