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Archive for December 28th, 2007

Knitting Frenzy, New Socks

Friday, December 28th, 2007

I do this every December. I have a burning need to FINISH. Of course this year has had a few more distractions than usual and there are always many, but I finished my 158th pair of socks.

I used Nashua Snowbird, a 50% wool, 50% alpaca, shrink-resistant yarn (wash in machine, dry flat). It’s a thicker yarn and very warm for winter. I would LOVE a sweater in this yarn and it’s not horribly expensive. I was very tempted to buy it on Rae’s 20% moving sale. However, right now I need to mostly knit for my business and that does not fit in the master plan as long as I am not designing sweaters.

This is not a real problem, because knitting socks took merely 2 skeins and two days of knitting. Instant happiness (doesn’t that sound like the name of some exotic Chinese food? Instant Happiness). I Love These!!!

Rae made a pair from the same yarn, same colorway. She says it’s the only pair that she’s ever had to take off because they were too warm. I wish my feet would listen, as they were cold yesterday (not wearing shoes) at home wearing these, but not as cold as they might have been in lesser socks. My feet are cold most of the year, that has nothing to do with socks. (I still love my hot water bottle, that’s the only answer I’ve found for the cold feet, though it’s not portable at all.)

I also went into the yarn area and found a pair I thought needed some work. Well, they were done other than having the ends worked in, which did not take long. Nashua Vignette, a wool tube (Icord) yarn that self-stripes and is machine washable. Footies a little loose to wear over other socks in the house. This was pair 157, which I finished knitting on September 2.


That is pathetic, my friends. I went nearly 4 months without finishing a pair. I have been focused on other things… mostly work for patterns and a good handful of gifts. It’s all good, but this year I did not knit many socks. The first year I knit socks, I knit an average of a pair every 10 days. Whew! Those were the good old days. Although, really, being a professional in the knitting business means, as Carly Simon sang, “These are the good old days” right now. Different than a few years ago, but good.

In any case, I have two new fat-yarn sock pairs to wear just as the weather turns mean. I’m delighted.

Is anyone else feeling the “I must finish everything right now” bug? It’s really big for me every holiday season.