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Archive for January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year to All

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008


We had a great New Year’s Eve and I want to tell the full story of that with photos maybe tomorrow. However, the big fun for January 1 was the snow.

It is 36F degrees (just above freezing a bit) and last night we got several inches of gorgeous, wet, perfect snow. For some reason I decided I wanted to make a snowman with Brian today, as we drove home from the event last night. He was all for it.

So today we got out there and I participated in the first snowman-building experience since my father was alive. (Daddy died in 1973, I was 14.) I don’t remember doing it in college or in any of my former adult homes. Honestly, I’m not much for being outdoors any big length of time and I’m also not fond of being cold. But today there was not a whisper of wind, the snow had stopped falling, the sun shone, and the snow was about perfect for snowman building.

I have the perfect partner for me. He got us started and I followed suit, not remembering much about this process. He did the biggest physical labor parts, and we both had fun adding to the artful bits as we got going. Brian found sticks for arms and then he kept going with spiked hair, a great touch. I found gloves and an old scarf, the stem of a red Swiss chard leaf for a mouth and the end of a white yam (they are white inside and purple outside but not very sweet at all, I get them at the asian market) for a nose. He made eyes with bits of the sticks (they are actually spent flower stems from the daylily).

I think it’s a mighty fine joint artistic product! What fun.


And because there was no snow coming down and no wind? We did not get cold at all. It’s great to have good warm wool/alpaca clothing to bundle up in while spending time outdoors. I’m not sure I’ll be building snowmen every year or anything, but there was literally no cold to complain about. It was a great thing to do, to start the year.

May all of you find 2008 to be happy, healthy and full of abundance in the larger sense of the word. I count you all as friends, and you are part of my own abundant life. Thank you.