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Archive for January 4th, 2008

New Year’s Eve

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Prepare for photographs… I am giving in to more than usual for this post. It was a special night, you know?

On New Year’s Eve we almost did not choose to go to the Contra Dance. It was supposed to snow a lot and I was enjoying the warmth of the house. Brian reminded me that I would have a good time once we got there, and he sort of wanted a date for the holiday, so we went. He was right. I was glad I went.

We know most of the folks in the Contra Dance community pretty well. These are people we very much enjoy and very much want to spend our time with. Some of them we see only at dances, but it’s amazing how many are in our regular circle of acquaintances (for starters, Sharon, Julie, Rae, and Cynthia are all knitters I see regularly and who also dance). It is such a warm community! There is just nothing like a New Year’s Contra dance.

I find it fun that at a Contra Dance you will inevitably find a corner of the room full of knitters. We end up talking and knitting, and watching dances, listening to the great live music, but not dancing much. I love that there are a few under-20 young folks who are part of the knitting corner. They are more likely to talk knitting between dances and still do a lot of dancing, but it is a lovely addition to the dynamic.

Just before midnight they had a big circle dance and that was a blast! We all grabbed hands at the end and made a huge spiral of people. We were almost in the center of the spiral and it was amazing how long we needed to spin before the whole line of dancers was wound up together. It sounds crowded but there was plenty of breathing room even at the center, the room is plenty large for this sort of fun.

The band for the dance was The Cosmic Otters, who are otherwise known as Two Sock Knitters, or Meg and Jonathan. It’s funny, I’ve been reading their blog at least a year now and I was sure of Meg’s name, not sure of Jonathan’s (because she refers to him as “the fiddling fool” or just “The Fool.” I was sure of how he looked but now how she looked. It must be that she takes more photos of him than he does of her.

I also did not realize that Meg and Jonathan *are* The Cosmic Otters. As I peek at the New Year’s Eve post by meg, she shows a photo of “the band” and it’s Jonathan and two friends of theirs who joined them for the second half of the dance. With Meg the unofficial photographer, it’s no wonder I didn’t realize she was half of the band!! And no wonder I did not know what she looked like.

After the dance, we proceeded over to the house where we’d spent lovely time just before Christmas, knitters and fiddlers. Meg and Jonathan were going to stay there for the night before heading home to Chicago (a 4-hour trek). So I sat next to Meg and we knit socks, while listening to a group of folks play old-time fiddle tunes. It gave us a little time to chat about knitting and Ravelry and sock yarn and all the things that internet-knitters might want to chat about. Much fun!

On the way home I noticed how beautiful the snow was. I also realized that it was a little above freezing. We drove past a house which had a snowman in it and I got this great idea that we should start the year with our own snowman. And so we did. I think it was a good way to start the year. We started with a play day together. Yup, the right choice.


Photos: The first six photos Brian took, the last is mine. (The musicians, left to right, are Sam from Lansing, Jonathan, Chirps from Chicago, Meg. Notice the otters perched on the monitors, front right. Dance committee member Bonnie even gave one of the otters a party hat!) Food, dance, music, fun.

I wish I’d taken photos of the fiddle jam session at the house. However, I was having too much time getting to know Meg to think of it.