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Archive for January 11th, 2008

A Work Day

Friday, January 11th, 2008

(For the record… in the preceding post, I am not advocating denial or encouraging folks to ignore feelings. I am trying to put things into their proper perspective. I’m talking about getting all frustrated about having to cook dinner, clean the kitchen after dinner, do laundry… normal, ordinary things.

I personally seem to think at times that the world should revolve around what I like to do and not “make me” do ordinary maintenance, never mind that all humans have maintenance tasks. In my case, my life is very good and I really have nothing to complain about, but I do it anyway. That’s why I want to put “small potatoes” in perspective. When they are truly small issues, that is. End of digression.)

Saturday was a work day. I am not ordinarily a tidy housekeeper. I would much rather focus on cool new creative projects all day, all week, all month, all year… than notice that things have gotten enough out of hand that I can’t find things anymore.

Well, we are delighted that a friend is coming in from out of town. He will stay with us for 3 nights. We do not have a guest room, just an air mattress on the living room floor. I want any guest to feel really comfortable and right at home. In order to do that, i want my mess to be enough contained to make things not feel like they will fall over when we breathe too much in the wrong direction, you know?

So Friday I spent a lot of time finishing up the clean-up of my yarn area, which occupies half of the living room. It was really worthwhile, taking that time. I did not just make it tidy, I went into boxes and sorted and tossed and gave away. Some things will leave the house never to be dealt with again, which is a relief.

Our kitchen mostly stays relatively tidy (although packed to the gills) all the time, and the bath is no big deal, but I still will need another day to work on my office. It is in the area that was once the dining room, when the house did not have eating space in the kitchen. It is the next room over from the living room and fully visible from any seat in that room.

Again, I tend to be relatively messy. This year, though, has been more extreme in that regard. The desk is piled with so many papers that I think I could lose a ball of yarn in the mess. So I’ll start working on that room tomorrow and finish it up on Monday (when I have no appointments on the calendar.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I will be dancing with the Habibi Dancers at the Cadillac Club in REOTown at 7pm. I think 9 of us are going to be dancing. I will be doing three numbers, as my alter-ego, Eudora.

The event is a fundraiser for Nancy, who is one of the partners in Magdalena’s Teahouse (where we had our CD Release party a year and a half ago). She’s been fighting Parkinsons since I have known her. She had a stem cell transplant earlier this year, and had to take out loans to do it, so this is to help handle those costs.

The performance is a multicultural dance event (we are not the only dance group involved), and I think it will be a really fine show. Nancy knows SO many performers in town.

Sunday I teach “Toe Up Mittens” at Rae’s Yarn shop, the first of two sessions 2 weeks apart. It’s an afterthought-thumb (like Norwegian mittens) with a knit-to-fit start similar to my First-Time Toe Up Socks pattern. Much fun.

After that class, Brian and I will go to the Elderly Instruments holiday gathering and we will perform for Brian’s co-workers (there are many musicians working there, so we will be one of many acts… and they are a very good audience! We got named The Fabulous Heftones when we performed at one of these parties, back when we were not yet married if I remember right.

It should be a good weekend. (I’m cheating right now and using old photos.)