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Archive for January 12th, 2008

Dancing at Cadillac Club

Saturday, January 12th, 2008




Tonight the Habibi Dancers were part of a fundraiser for Nancy Brandon who had a stem cell transplant to fight her Parkinsons Disease. (Nancy is about my age and has been fighting this since before I knew her; she’s very involved in the creative community of Lansing.) We had a good number of dancers for the event, and we had a wonderful time.

habibinancyamy.jpgI always say that Lansing is big enough that not everybody knows all your business, but it’s small enough that it seems all the creative folks in any realm, will know the others. I saw musicians, dancers, photographers, actors, community activists and more in that crowd. What a show of support for Nancy, who really is at the center of the community in more than a few ways.

habibinancywinona.jpgWe did quite a full concert, with group numbers and solo performers. Brian works on Saturday but he took photos as soon as he got there, and he is sharing these photos with us all here tonight. Thanks, Brian!

(The lighting was problematic so most of the shots are grainy and/or blurry, but I think they give a sense of the event anyway. I hope those who have Apple computers can see these, I know they display photos darker than my Windows machines and these are pretty dark already.)

habibinancygarnettmolly.jpgNotice how there are two shots of the crowd at the end of our show. We danced out into the audience and invited those seated to stand and dance with us. A good handful did just that, and we had a great time indeed!

In the first photo, we were doing a cane dance, balancing canes on our heads as we move. I love cane dances. They are a bit hard to photograph but Brian did just fine!

The first solo photo is me as Eudora. This may be the only time you see me wearing black and gold, and no other colors! The other photos I will not identify, some of the dancers I do not know their dance names and in the crowd scenes of course I do not have all the names. Please enjoy the images, at any rate.