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Archive for January 14th, 2008

Short Post

Monday, January 14th, 2008

I guess we are getting back into the swing of a busy life. I taught my “Toe Up Mittens” at Rae’s Sunday and then went directly to the Elderly Instruments holiday party. They always have it after the holiday crazy time is over, and I appreciate that.

(Now our holidays are officially done. Except for National Pie Day on January 23, but that is a new season, I’d say!)

We performed for the party (a music store has many musicians and we take turns entertaining). It is always fun.

Then back home to do more preparation for our guest. Mind you, I run a small yarn-dyeing, pattern-writing, knitting-instruction business out of this house… tucked into corners of the living room, the office, the eating area of the kitchen, the basement.

There is much good in right-sizing the business and getting papers where papers go, yarn where yarn goes, musical instruments where they go, and not mixing it all up and confusing things. And getting rid of items we do not use anymore, sending them on to where someone else can make use of them.

I am so grateful that I’ve had so much time to really work on re-organizing, tossing, giving away, letting go. With months of lead time I have been able to really look at how we use the house, not only when we have a guest but every day. (He is staying 3 days, and we have no guest room, so it takes a bit of preparation to make a living room into a guest room in a house this size.)

So this is all the time I have to type you a note for a while. I hope to unload the camera of its photos soon but for now it’s all about making our home comfy for a guest, for several days. It’s really worthwhile, and we will reap the benefits of this work for a long time after he leaves.

Don’t worry if I bow out for a few days, I’m fine and happy here (where the snow has returned and it looks like January again). Seeya!