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Archive for January 20th, 2008

Techie Issues and Belonging

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Tech Woes

I think my computer and I need to break up our relationship. However, it’s sort of like that Supertramp song “not much of a girlfriend (computer); she’s the only one I’ve got.”

I lost my Palm desktop (my calendar program that runs on the computer when I’m home… which synchronizes to my palm device which I use when I’m not home). It doesn’t know about any real appointments after November 2.

This happened as I was preparing for Rev’s visit and I did not have time to deal with it, including the required backups and careful proceedings in the right order to get the program back without losing what is on the palm device.

So last night I typed in at least the appointment name and date/time for everything on my calendar from now through the future. I will need to uninstall the desktop program and reinstall.

Cross fingers for me. I need to do it when I have time and a focused mind, which means not first thing and not just before bed… and some days all the rest of the time I’m out of the house. One day at a time. I’m probably ready to do that Monday.

But then on Sunday my Eudora email program decided to flip out when I sent press releases, and now I don’t know if anyone but me got the release (for Altu’s Restaurant’s music series). It only goes to a small handful of addresses (reporters and DJs) so it should not have looked like spam but I don’t know what happened.

So I spent time today checking out the status of the rest of my folders in Eudora and it looks like really I have one uncertain message. It should look like a message that went out, and should have the content of the message I sent. It looks like a message intended to go out (but it’s not in the outbasket) and when I open it, I see the text of a message almost a year old. The table of contents is toast, but even this former tech doesn’t know how to figure it out, other than to just move forward.

I used to do computer tech work for a living. Right now, though, I am out of practice. My tolerance for imperfection in this area is getting thin. I will do the calendar reinstall tomorrow, and I did spend a lot of time cleaning up my malboxes/folders in Eudora so that none of them have over 3000 messages in them any more. We will hope that cleans up the issue for now.

Belonging, Lansing, Music

I did not get any photos downloaded from my camera from this weekend’s Scene Metrospace Folk Festival. We went both Friday and Saturday, and then the second night we went down to Rendezvous by the Grand in Old Town to hear friends from Steppin’ in It, which was also wonderful.

I hope to bring you enough photos for a slideshow but for now I need to do business-related things. I am woefully behind on getting all my classes scheduled for this term we are already in. I have classes scheduled at two of the 5 shops where I teach… because they were the ones who basically cornered me and said “Schedule. Today. Now.”

But I do want to just say that the Folk Festival was one of the most wonderful belonging experiences I have ever had. I have spent a lot of my life not fitting in. Just notice what colors I wear, and what city I live in, and that will give you a small idea of how I don’t really fit… I am often loved and appreciated but I am usually still a bit of “that colorful girl over there.” Not quite part of the crowd, though accepted at this point in the game.

But at the Fox on a Hill shows at Scene Metrospace Folk Festival? These amazing other musicians played and they really feel like peers though we all are different in style (as it should be).

We played Friday and one of the other musicians who played was Jen Sygit, who I totally admire in every way. I am deeply honored by sharing her stage, though she pooh-poohs this idea when I say this out loud.

When we played our set, Laura Bates (who has, arguably, the most beautiful voice on the circuit) spent the entire half hour dancing to our music. That may be the biggest compliment we have ever received, really.

It just felt like home. It was a place where we belonged, where the comfort level backstage was really high. Even the listeners/audience? The best.

As an adult, I find lately that I quite often hang out with a lot of creative folks who are younger than me. I expect to not fit in. I expect that I’ll again be accepted but outside the group. Again this weekend I was proven wrong.

Lansing is really a great town for artful folks. I really appreciate this town in that way.

And with that I will go sleep and anticipate a new day, with a new calendar install. I start teaching my new term (computer classes for beginners) at Haslett Community Ed tomorrow. Yes, even though it is a very fine holiday, we will honor Dr. King’s spirit by learning.