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Archive for February 1st, 2008

Shake That Thing

Friday, February 1st, 2008


I’m delighted. The video Brian and I recorded with our friend Lil’ Rev, two weeks ago today, has hit over a thousand views as of this morning. Two weeks. How cool is that?

I can not get my blogging software to allow an embedded Youtube video, but if you click the photo above you will be taken to the page where you can click “Play.” Thanks to those who have already visited this video. You just plain warm my heart!

Happy Sigh of Relief

Friday, February 1st, 2008

happiness-600.jpgThanks to those who sent good wishes. I think the woman who told me if I didn’t waste energy worrying, I’d have more energy to heal, was right. I had two achy Excedrin-dependent days, one lazy and dull day on the couch, and then today was not so bad.

For a cold, that’s quicker than my usual course of events. But after all… a cold is small potatoes. It’s going away as I type. I will be fine to dance tomorrow night.

Right-Sizing the Yarn Site Way

But that’s not what I’m talking about in my title today. I’m talking about my shopping cart.

I have been struggling for a year with uploading photos that look pretty good on my laptop, and having them be resized and otherwise messed up (including color shifting). Therefore, my website was not presenting my handpainted yarns properly. The Tiptoe Sockyarns looked the worst by far, and are so beautiful in person. I was so sad that I could not figure it out.

gentlejoy600.jpgFor a while it looked like maybe it was reducing the size by a specific percentage, I thought it was 75%. That did not prove correct.

When I loaded the books yesterday, and went to peek at how it looked on the main page, I saw that in the case of at least one book cover, it had INCREASED the size. Voila. A little sleuthing with PhotoShop as my friend, and I figured it out. It resizes to have a height of 300 pixels, no matter what size the uploaded photo might have been.

I looked all over the internet a year ago, to try and figure this out. I read a lot of things that did not get me anywhere. But I decided to let go of a half-dozen knitting books from my shelves, and it came clear quickly. I am so happy!

asterflammegarn600.jpgI took all new photos, zoomed in properly to have a 300×300 photo (actually, they can be zoomed in on at 600×600 in one place). I got a lot of light, which gave me pretty good color to start with. I tweaked the colors in PhotoShop with the skein of yarn sitting on my lap for a reference, until that photo looked as close as absolutely possible to the actual yarn. (Of course I understand that monitors all display differently, but at least the balance is about right, on at least my monitor.)

And now my Tiptoe Sockyarn page looks right. The yarns are the right colors, finally. No “jaggies,” no recoloring to muddy. Who would buy yarn when they could not really tell what it was like? I get such good feedback from those who knit with it, but it took a leap of faith on the buyer’s part.

Because I expect an influx of new visitors this week (due to the MagKnits pattern which should show up Friday), I wanted the site right. I will end up taking more photos over again, given some time. I also want to figure out if there is any way to make it more obvious on the main page, that the categories of merchandise are hiding in a little list in the top left corner. However, for now the biggest issue is solved.

I am so happy to finally have solved that one mystery. Life sure is full of puzzles, isn’t it?

Happy, happy…

(For the record, the first yarn shown here is named “Happiness.”)