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Archive for February 2nd, 2008

NPR Covers “Extreme Knitting”

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

On January 31, NPR put up a web page (I’m reading into this that there was a radio spot on it also) about what they called Extreme Knitting. This includes so many ideas and expressions, there is no way to explain it without looking at individuals and their specific works. (In December 2005 on this blog I pointed to a Flickr photo of a tree encased in a multicolored “tree sweater,” for one example.)

It surely is beyond wearable garments, in any case. I watched the “Audio Slideshow” which is photos and narrative. I loved it.

Then I followed several links given on that page. I went to KnitKnit and from there clicked on the KnitKnit book that has only been out since September. I clicked on names of featured artists in the book, looked at photos of them and/or their work. And I am so in love, so inspired.

It took me to a good number of knitting names I already knew, and also new ones I had not known yet. Some of the names I have mentioned here before are Debbie New, Freddie Robins, Annie Modesitt and Althea Merback (of Bugknits, where she is called Althea Crome).

Oh, it makes me feel good to know that people are truly following their hearts. They are letting knitting be a method toward a message rather than the thing you do to get X product.

Mind you, I knit socks all the time for a product. But I also love it when folks are artful and follow their instinct. This is really inspiring to me. Perhaps you will enjoy it, also.